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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
CIP thème 2 sur efficacité énergétique  / Ministère de  
        Malte  souhaite participer à un consortium

Madame monsieur
dans le cadre du CIP TIC PSP, thème 2 nous avons reçu une proposition d'un
ministère maltais

The Ministry for Gozo-Malta is interested in joining a partnership that
to submit under the Call for Proposal regarding ICT PSP  Theme 2: ICT for
energy efficiency and sustainability in urban areas.

Malta became member of the European Union on 1st May 2004. Gozo which is the
second largest island of the Maltese Archipelago covers an area of 67 km2, and
its coastline stretches for 43km. The population of the island stands at about
31,000. The Maltese Islands are situated in the centre of the Mediterranean -
93 km south of Italy and 290 km north of North Africa. Gozo lies about 5 km in
the North West of Malta. 

Weather and climate in the Maltese islands are similar to those in Southern
Italy and Greece. The climate is typically Mediterranean with hot, dry
warm and sporadically wet autumns, and short, cool winters with an adequate
rainfall. About three-quarters of the rather low total annual rainfall (an
average of 600mm) occurs between October and March. The other months, namely
between April and September are normally dry months. Summers are warm, sunny
and very dry. Rainfall between April and August rarely occurs. The dry season
is typically longer than in the comparable southern regions of Europe and the
climate is remarkably sunny. Temperatures are between 12 and 31 degrees
with UV
index between 2 and 10. Generally winds are strong and their frequency is

Notwithstanding the constraints resulting from its permanent handicaps, due to
its double insularity since it is on the periphery of another small island,
Gozo has some strong characteristics that are invaluable assets for its
socio-economic development. The Gozitan strong sense of belonging and identity
is considered as a fertile environment for projects which aim at commercially
exploiting the island’s unique natural, cultural and historical heritage and
its traditions in artisan and agricultural products. The industriousness of
Gozitan workers is another asset which could make Gozo a better business

The main economic mainstays of the island are Tourism, Agriculture, Fishing,
and small and medium-sized enterprises. The island is administered by a
Ministry of the Central Government responsible for the administration of the
Island of Gozo and also by a Local Council for each of the 14 villages in
the population is distributed. This Ministry for Gozo implements and monitors
policies set at the national level, while setting policies which are relevant
to the specific needs of Gozo. What makes this administrative setup more
effective than other types of regional authority is essentially the
presence of
the Minister for Gozo at Cabinet of Ministers, the highest Executive Level in
the government of the country.

The overall mission of the Ministry for Gozo is to improve the quality of life
in Gozo while protecting and improving the cultural, social and environmental
characteristics of the island. The government’s vision for the future of Gozo
is to transform this island in an ecological island, Eco-Gozo, a model for
environmental standards.
Eco-Gozo is a vision which aims at transforming Gozo and Gozitan society
into a
sustainable reality in its wider sense  not only environmentally, but also
socially and economically.

This is a new way of looking at Gozo and its future, banking on the island’s
strengths and tapping its attractive potential for the benefit of the island’s
inhabitants, its visitors and investors, so that all benefit from:  
§       A better quality of life  
§       A society exerting less pressure on the environment  
§       A wholesome natural and cultural environment 
§       More sustainable jobs 
§       A caring society for all 
§       More quality investment   
§       An enhancement of the island’s identity  
Eco-Gozo provides an assurance for sustainable development in Gozo, and a
continued success for our island in the future. 
More information on Gozo can be obtained from the Ministry for Gozo’s website
www.gozo.gov.mt as well as from www.eco-gozo.gov.mt.

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