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Madame monsieur

Dans le cadre de l'appel en cours du programme CIP TIC PSP nous avons reçu une
proposition de Malte

There is interest in Malta in Objective 1.1 Cloud of Public Services (Pilot B)
of the currently open call (CIP ICT PSP Work Programme 2013).

The Malta IT Agency (MITA) has one of nine Tier III compliant data centres in
Europe, where we’ve deployed a segregated/sandboxed virtualisation environment
which has been live for some two/three years now. 

We use it to host 200+ in-house developed and outsourced applications to
service government authorities and departments, but we think that with some
more improvements, testing and perhaps investment in a better level of
automation and sophistication we can probably upgrade it to a self-service
utility billing model for piloting as a government private cloud.

Links to info about the data centre:
Links to info Tier III certification map:
Other useful links: 

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