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Madame monsieur
Dans le cadre des projets du PCRDT thématique TIC, certains projets ont la
possibilité de s’adjoindre des partenaires supplémentaires via des appels
Le projet Mobility de l’appel  Futur Internet PPP, entre dans cette deuxième

Son coordinateur
Patrick Gatellier
De THALES DSC Advanced Studies  Smart Systems Laboratory


lance donc une requête pour de nouveaux partenaires

Request for Expression of Interest  and Participation

Within the context of the objective FI.ICT-2011.1.8 Use Case Scenarios and
early trials (Phase 2) and to prepare for objective FI.ICT-2013.1.7 Expansion
of Use Cases (phase 3), Thales and Orange (respectively Coordinator and
Technical Lead of the Instant Mobility phase 1 project) are leading a
proposal for phase 2.
This follow-up proposal for phase 2 aims at providing to European citizens a
mobility dedicated producer/consumer open data platform and many services
related to real-time urban mobility, based on their immediate geographic
Later on, Phase 3 will aim at enlarging services as well as running large
trials on the mobility platform to be developed in phase 2.
The Instant Mobility follow-up project is willing to largely open the phase 2
proposal to new partners throughout Europe and is looking for:
1. European partners specialized in software development, integration and
testing to enroll in phase 2 (implementation, early trials and preparation of
large scale trials)
2. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) willing to take part in a Community of
Interest in phase 2 and generate added values services and applications on top
of the mobility platform in phase 3.
To express your willingness to participate to the Instant Mobility follow-up
project, please fill in the questionnaire at :

Thank you for your submission.

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