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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: Trois demandes de partenariats

Madame monsieur

Dans le cadre de l'appel N° 3 du programme TIC du PCRDT N°7, veuillez trouver
ci-dessous quelques demandes de partenariats


Un centre de recherche irlandais CTVR recherche des partenaires pour un:

Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 1.7 Technology building blocks for creating, monitoring and
managing secure information infrastructures

Nom provisoire du projet: A Cognitive Underwater Wireless Communication System
for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Date de clôture: 29/11/07

The main objective is to research and design an underwater wireless
communications system for the protection of critical infrastructures such as
oil and gas installations. It addresses the challenges in network architecture
and protocol design for deploying 3-D deep-water heterogeneous wireless
communications networks to provide high data rate, real-time and
energy-efficient solutions for a secure and dependable offshore oil and gas

Expertises demandées:
The partners should be experts in identification of deployment scenarios and
requirements of communication systems for critical infrastructure protection.

Partenaires recherchés:
The partners can be industrial end-users e.g., oil and gas extraction
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Une PME espagnole Andago Ingenieria SL recherche des partenaires pour un:

Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 1.0-02 Modelling and simulation for training

Nom provisoire du projet: ModSim World: An Open Platform for the Modelling and
Simulation of Crises using Online Virtual Worlds

Date de clôture: 29/11/2007

The goal of the ModSim World project is to develop a generic open platform for
the creation of virtual worlds to model and simulate crises occurring in
critical infrastructures. Thanks to the technology developed it will be
possible to model real life scenarios using virtual worlds where real people
(volunteers) could connect and participate in crises situations. The
gathered with the response of volunteers under different crises management
approaches will be useful for risk assessment, to develop new contingency
plans, and for training risk managers and even citizens. ModSim World will use
virtual worlds to recreate real life scenarios on a web based application.
Based on web 2.0 concepts and tools, and based on serious games, ModSim World
will stimulate the participation of volunteers in on-line communities for
crisis management. Project results will be evaluated on a number of testing
environments in the area of transport and energy.

Expertises demandées:
The partners should have skills and experience in modelling and simulation of
crises scenarios, experience with web based virtual worlds and serious
games or
they have to be end users organisations (transport and energy).

Partenaires recherchés:
The partners can be research centers, SMEs, universities, and large companies
that have the technical skills listed above.

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L’organisation à but non lucratif ISDEFE recherche des partenaires pour un:

Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 1.0-03 Optimised situational awareness through intelligent
surveillance of interconnected transport or energy infrastructures

Nom provisoire du projet: COMMIT - Crisis Conduct, Monitoring and Management
through an Interconnected and Interoperable set of Tools

Date de clôture: 29/11/2007

The overall aim of the COMMIT project is to define and develop an open,
flexible and scaleable system of systems architecture where crucial
about land surface transport Critical Infrastructures (CI) can be gathered,
stored, accessed, distributed, integrated and presented in order to quickly
identify malicious attacks or accidental failures, make sense of the
show it in a timely way, and give insight and clues for coordinating the
with actions that can rapidly repair the situation.

Expertises demandées:
The COMMIT project is seeking security and ICTT experts in the area of Surface
Transportation Critical-Infrastructures that can provide knowledge on all the
matters related with its security.

Partenaires recherchés:
The partners can be research institutions, software development companies,
SMEs, end users or infrastructure owners/operators/users.

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