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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
	 PCRDT 7 / Thématique TIC / Consultation de  la commission
  sur le programme de travail 2011 2013

Consultation on European Commission ICT Work Programme 2011-2013 

As you may be aware, the European Commission is now in the process of
the next ICT research Work Programme for years 2011-2013. In view of this, the
Software & Service Architectures and Infrastructures unit is updating the
research community's vision for the area, identifying key technological
challenges and research priorities, and establishing a research agenda for the
coming years.

This is achieved through consultation with external experts, with industry and
with academia, while additional input comes from a number of initiatives that
are developing roadmaps and research agendas for Software and Services,
such as
"Future Internet" 

The main objectives of this consultation are to identify the key technical
challenges, the success factors, the expected impacts, and to derive a list of
research foci and priority actions to be implemented. For this, a wide
range of
aspects should be addressed including technological issues, research
and standardisation approaches. 

The timeframe to be considered for this Work Programme is 2011 to 2013.

Information about the area can be found on: 


The text of the current Work Programme 2009  2010 can be found on: 


We invite you to participate in this open consultation, providing your
about (but not limited to) topics such as: Services and Architectures for the
future Internet; Software Engineering; Service Engineering; Open Source
Software; Virtualisation of ICT resources; Cloud Computing; Energy Efficient
Software; Exploratory and long term research; or any other topic that you
consider relevant. No specific question or "fill-in-the-boxes" format is
provided, as we want to keep the consultation as open as possible, but please
try to identify clearly the challenges and the expected impacts of what you

The consultation is hosted by the site 


and can be accessed at the URL 


It will be possible to add contributions starting from 21/09/2009 until
02/11/2009; after this date, the consultation will be closed, and the
ideas and suggestions will be used as a valued input for the next research

We ask you kindly to limit each contribution to no more than 2500 characters,
so that your ideas will be easy to read and understand; further details and
longer contributions can be submitted in the form of a PDF file, which will
then be published on the same web site.
Best regards, 

Information Society & Media Directorate-General 
European Commission 
Web site: http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/ssai/home_en.html 

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