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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
	 PCRDT / Appel 4 thème 1.1 réseau du futur et FET  Open / Recherche de partenariat  

Madame Monsieur
Dans le cadre de la recherche de partenariat pour le PCRDT, nous vous
transmettons les deux demandes suivantes

PS--IL-2672 : http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/IL/PS-IL-2672

BandWD, une PME Israélienne recherche des partenaires pour un:

Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 1.1 The Network of the Future

Nom provisoire du projet: NORISC - Network Optimizing & Resource Interactive
Service Correlation

Date de clôture: 01/04/2009


Interactive near real time, adaptive service enabling infrastructure. 
It is focused on learning user, service, content and network behavior and
use of
the learnt information for automatic self adaptation for improving network
utilization, business revenues and user experience. 
· Providing user a way to participate the network and service control
for working out the overall best decision regarding service delivery. 
· Dynamic policy change 
· Continuous tuning of the decision models (self improving and adaptation of
service, content delivery,network) 
Using user inputs for early detection of the trends and problems.
The following proposal is focused on c) Converged infrastructures in
support of
Future Networks

Definition duprojet:
NORISC will develop software based system and technology installed in the
provider network, interfacing Network resource enforcement elements (DSLAMS ,
BRAS, Base Stations, Traffic Shapers, etc...), Back-office systems ( NMS, OSS,
etc...) and service providing systems (VoIP, VoD, IPTV etc.).

Expertises demandées:
The project consortium structure will include: 
Telecommunications network and service providers (potential customers for the
Academic and research entities in the fields of Resource control, behaviour
learning algorithems and Interactive services. 
Industry relevant SME’s companies to bring academic resource algorithms into
industrial project.

Partenaires recherchés:
· Network providers ( Fixed ,Mobile Network Infrastructure) 
· Next generation Applications/ Services provider (Multi Media, VoD, IPTV,
· Network monitoring probing provider 
· Network Infrastructure resource enforcement vendor 
· Universities / Research organizations

The proposer is looking for a coordinator.

Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:

PS-IL-2684 : http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/IL/PS-IL-2684

L’Université de Tel Aviv recherche des partenaires pour un:

Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: FET OPEN (sur le programme 2007-2008)

Nom provisoire du projet: BIOCROSS

Appel en 2 étapes
Date de clôture short proposal: 31/12/2008

The main objective of the proposal is the design and fabrication of
nano-structured mono and multi-layers made of protein molecules that are
subsequently chemically modified and metalized by electroless methods to serve
as biotemplates for the future ICT generation (beyond CMOS). Implementation of
this technology will lead to greater miniaturization and unification, due to
smaller metall cluster size (betwee 1-10 nm) smaller distances between metal
clusters (between 3 and 200 nm) and enhanced long range order (more than

Présentation de la proposition
Breakthroughs in ICT technologies require radically new tailor-made
nanostructured nano-bio materials with a new generation of properties, such as
the negative refractive index, significant reduction of energy losses, and
enhancements of magnetic responses in composites made out of non-magnetic
components. These new nano-materials will combine low dimensional scale of
objects on nanometer level and relevant surface effects with assembled
nanostructures that will create periodic 2-dimensional templates for
with novel optical, photonic, electrical and magnetic properties that are
suitable for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) relevant

Expertises demandées:
Data storage, optical-photonic devices, bio-sensors manufacturers

Partenaires recherchés:
Large industry and / or SME

The proposer is not looking for a coordinator.

Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:

Pour en savoir plus

Claire Ferté


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