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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
PCRDT N7 / défi N4 : Institut  
        polonais  recherche partenaire français

Madame Monsieur

Un institut polonais d'informatique recherche un partenaire français

Michal Kosiedowski
Poznan Supercomputing and Networkign Center

Information regarding the partner search:

a. Who you are

Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center - a leading ICT research center in
Poland, operator of the PIONIER national and POZMAN metropolitan optical
academic networks. Very active in European research programmes, with 28
participations in FP5 and FP6 (in 4 projects as the coordinator).

b. What kind of project you intend to do We're building a project for the
current ICT call in FP7, challenge 4. 

Digital libraries and content.
The title of the proposal is:
Eureph - Personalized extraction, fusion and preservation of context from
European Ephemera

It's a STREP (24-30 months - to be decided) with the following obejctives:
- methods for automated metadata extraction from ephemera and creation of
semantic description of the documents (e.g. OCR, document structure patterns,
automated processing of OCR-ed text, image analysis etc.);
- models for personalized context extraction from distributed digital
allowing to transform the digital libraries with ephemera into sources of
information necessary for the creation of virtual research environments,
on dedicated ontologies and the metadata extracted from the documents
in distributed digital libraries;
- methodologies for digitization of the large amount of physically distributed
- methodologies for the enrichment of the metadata of the digitized
ephemera by
external users (for example people living in a specific region).

c. What kind of partner you are looking for We're looking for a library or
other relevant organization that can provide a digital collection of ephemera
and that is interested in working on the above-mentioned objectives. Depending
on the contents of the digital collections of ephemera that would join the
project there will be the actual project's usage scenarios designed.

d. Your web site

e. Who to contact by email
Michal Kosiedowski

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