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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
programme CIP TIC PSP un partenaire allemand offre ses  compétences  

Madame monsieur
Dans le cadre de l'appel à proposition actuelle du programme CIP TIC PSP, nous
avons reçu une proposition de partenariat que nous vous transmettons
Si elle vous intéresse, merci de prendre directement contact avec les
reponsables de cette société

Organisation Name EURANET 

Contact person:  Petra KOHNEN

Address Friedrichstr. 32 
D-53111    Bonn 

Telephone 0049-173-5442356

www address euranet.eu 

E-mail kohnenp@googlemail.com

Euranet EEIG, a pan-European Radio network of international, national,
and local broadcaster, offers multilingual radio and internet programs
concerning European affairs. Euranet is funded by the European Commission and
covers on-air and online web programs in 13 languages. The project horizon is
the coverage of all 23 EU-languages with partners coming from all 27 EU

With our joint multi-lingual, interactive audio and online offerings, our
network creates a sense of togetherness, improves European communication and
further develops the muchdebated European „public sphere“. Euranet's aim is to
set up transnational communication between European citizens and EU
policy-makers via a “written and spoken multilingual online service”

Therefore we want to widen our activities and are interested to coordinate the
tender in section 6.2: Multilingual online service in ICT PSP fourth call for
proposal 2010 Pilot type B.


We are looking for further Radio/Internet Partner who like to participate in
common European programmes (produce/broadcast) in Finnland, Malta, Ireland,
Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Hungary.

For the time being Euranet editorial content (news, magazines, dossiers,
comments, etc.) are either translated by journalists or professional
translators or remain not translated. The translation-problem means a
bottleneck-situation for journalists’ content produced on air and online:
manual translation means high costs and slow workflow. Texts that are not
translated exclude a huge number of people from relevant information.


We are looking for a partner in the field of machine translation who can help
us to overcome this bottleneck. Key requirements for the digital translation
market: large number of language pairs, high availability of the service,
real-time online collaborative journalistic content based on a learning
technology, etc.
The tender recommends cooperating with already existing projects funded by the
Since we are working together with 27 EU countries, we would like to
include in
our activities the expertise and experiences in cross border interoperability:
business union, tax procedures, intellectual property rights (texts, images,


Projects or companies who could bring in the expertise and experiences in
border interoperability:
As a start we are in need of answers to the following questions:
1. Which form of business union is best practice: loose membership,
EEIG, etc.?
2. Which payment regulations for freelance are best practise?
3. Social insurance // Tax procedures (VAT)
4. The multilingual online service will exchange texts, images, music, audios,
videos etc. Which rights for the exchange and maintenance have to be
Thank you for your answers in advance
Kind regards
Petra Kohnen  
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