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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: CIP TIC PST Trois demandes de partenariats

Madame, monsieur
Dans le cadre du programme CIP et de son appel 2009 ( qui se clôt très
nous avons reçu trois demandes de partenariat

1) Une PME Polonaise dans le domaine de la santé

Please find attached an expression of interest (EIO) of a Polish
high-technology start-up company - MEDICALgorithmics focused on development of
solutions and 
systems for signal and data processing in medical applications.

MEDICALgorithmics is interested particularly to join the consortium to
Objective 1.1: ICT for patient-centred health service
Objective 1.2: Innovative eHealth tools and services in real life  learning
Objective 1.3: ICT for ageing well / independent living
Objective: 1.4: e-Accessibility thematic network

Feel free to contact the MEDICALgorithmics directly if you are interested in
their EOI. Additionally, it would be appreciated if you could distribute
amongst your potentially interested contacts. 

For more information 

Malgorzata Gliniecka
National Contact Point for CIP-ICT PSP
Tel.: (48 22) 828 74 83 ext. 444
Email: malgorzata.gliniecka@kpk.gov.pl

2) Des acteurs de Lituanie pour un réseau thématique de e-gouvernance

Il faut là contacter aussi le NCP
I wonder if you have any information about Thematic Network Consortia for 3.4.
objective: User Centricity for e-Governance. If it so, I appreciated if you
sent coordinator's contacts or any related info. 
Have a good day. 
Best regards
Agne Kavaliauskiene


3) Institute of Microelectronic Applications, Ltd. de Prague  le domaine du
RFID Le consortium est déjà bien avancé

Please find enclosed the project proposal of the Czech coordinator IMA on the
theme 7.2 - Strengthening SME competitive advantage through RFID. Can you
please let me know if there is any other project proposal for this theme in
your country? I would also like to ask you to distribute this information to
all organisations from your country that might be interested to join. 

The objective of the project is to showcase and accelerate the take-up of RFID
technologies for healthcare among European SMEs. Results of ASPIRE project
middleware software for RFID will be used and disseminated. The results of
other EU projects (e.g. Europe INNOVA. BioHealth of 6FP, R-Bay of eTEN)
will be
utlilized, too.
Proposal aims at RFID pilot implementation in the sector of broad public
interest  healthcare.
Healthcare sector includes very many opportunities of effective RFID
utilization (e.g. healthcare delivery, logistics, administration, transport,
environment as well as safety.
RFID implementation could also positively influence proceses like privacy
protection and authentification in the healthcare framework.
Project consrotium follows long track already, started through TB11 Health of
eEurope 2000 -> EFMI WG Cards -> Europe INNOVA.. The core consortium involves
all relevant stakeholders of 6 countries to be able to disseminate results and
facilitate preparing measures for future deployment of RFID based solutions in
healthcare, respecting benefit of European SMEs. 
Project will be operational for 24 month (including 12 month of deployment in
end-user settings).
The project consortium will develop set of clear indicators by which the
success of the pilots will be measurable. Moreover, adequate contribution to
relevant standards to ensure interoperability of RFID technology in helathcare
is planned. In doing that, experience and results of previous Europe Innova
BioHealth project will be of high value.
Specification, implementation and validation reports as well as the business
plan for operations beyond the project funding will be prepared..
Both broad and focused awarness campaign will be arranged. Expert
will go  through www.bio-health.eu currently utilized for dissemination of
standards repositor
Membres actuels du consortium

Institute of Microelectronic Applications, ltd., PragueCzech Republic
Regional Health Care Authority, Ústí n. LabemCzech Republic
Helmholtz Institute, MunchenGermany
ITS NorwayNorway
Bull HungaryHungary
eHealth Excelence Centre, University of RegensburgGermany
Czech Economic ChamberCzech Republic

contacter directement tomas.trpisovsky@ima.cz

Martin Kusák
Oddelení prurezovÝch projektu EU  EU Cross-sectional Projects Department
Ministerstvo vnitra CR  Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic
Nám. Hrdinu 3, Praha 4, 140 21
Email: martin.kusak@mvcr.cz
Telefon: +420 974 817 539

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