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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
dans le cadre de la célébration du  
  day le 12 février 2008 , la commission
  organise un concours et des manifestations

Madame, monsieur

Dans le cadre du programme européen saferInternet, et pour fêter le 12 février
2008 la journée d'uin internet plus sûr, la commission nous informe de
plusieurs choses :

- Safer Internet Day 12 February 2008: European Youth Forum in Brussels

In celebration of Safer Internet Day 2008, the European Commission organizes a
Youth Forum on Safer Internet in Brussels where youth from 9 European
(Austria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Iceland Netherlands,
and UK) will discuss issues related to their use of online technologies. They
will present their recommendations to Viviane Reding, Commissioner for
Information Society and Media, industry and politicians. 
The INSAFE network organizes a Safer Internet Day 2008 competition on the
"Life online is what you make of it" 
Young people are invited to express their ideas about these and other aspects
of the virtual world by creating a multimedia project for the Safer Internet
Day 2008 Competition. 

To find out more about 
Safer Internet Day 2008.

- Report of public consultation: "Safer Internet and online technologies for
The public Consultation "Safer Internet and online technologies for children"
was carried out between April and June 2007 and was concluded with the Safer
Internet Forum in June 2007. The public consultation was part of a process
assessing whether to propose a follow-up programme to the Safer Internet plus
Programme. The summary report is available online (link)

- Eurobarometer: Are Europe's children too confident in tackling online
Can parents trust their 13 year old daughter when she surfs the web? Do they
know for sure that their 11 year old son's mobile phone conversation is safe?
The 2007 Eurobarometer survey asked children from all over Europe how they use
electronic communication tools, in particular Internet and mobile phones. The
results show that the use of these tools has become almost self-evident for
Europe's young generation. In general, the youngsters are well aware of the
risks of using the internet and mobile phones, but when facing trouble online,
minors will turn to an adult only as a last resort. 

Download the  full report and  national reports

Press release 

- A better website with General Safety Tips and access to national activities
The Safer Internet Programme has recently changed its web site. 
The changes include information and a list of general safety advice concerning
the Internet and other communication technologies as well as an easier way of
finding information about the national activities taking place within the
framework of the Programme. 


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