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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
PCRDT Thématique TIC sept recherches de   partenaires pour l'appel en cours        

Madame monsieur

dans le cadre des appels en cours de la thématique TIC, nous avons reçu
plusieurs recherches de partenaires que vous trouverez ci-dessous

Pour l’objectif: 2.1 Cognitive Systems and Robotics

PS-ES-3959 :  FICYT, ONG espagnole, recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP
Nom provisoire du projet: RETINA MW - A cognitive Middleware for automatic
sensor substitution in sensory systems
Sujet : The goal of the retina project is to develop middleware for mobile
robots based on the concept of sensory substitution, where in we wwill start
with a feedforward artificial neural network for a mobile robot with the
following output senses sight, hearing touch, joint motion and
acceleration, to
allow the robot to develop a world model in simulation.

Contenu à consulter sur le site :

PS-RU-3979 :   Tomsk Polytechnic University, université russe, recherche des
partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP
Nom provisoire du projet: Development of cognitive intelligent system for
analysis of visual perception of patterns and understanding of scenes
Sujet: The automatic images analysis and understanding is very important for
many problems in industry, robotics, medicine, space research, physics,
geology, and so on. The purpose of our project is development of cognitive
intelligent system for analysis of visual perception of patterns and
understanding of scenes. Our consortium has experience in images processing
understanding on the base of artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms
neuroevolutionary approach.

Contenu à consulter sur le site :

Pour l’objectif: 4.1 Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation

PS-ES-4014 :   TREELOGIC, PME espagnole, recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP
Nom provisoire du projet: ShareTage - Using hybrid worlds and social
to share cultural heritage
Sujet :
To support an adaptive cultural experience, a social network support is
proposed as a tool to create personalized interaction with cultural heritage
resources. Social networking is taken as a massive incorporation of users in
culture description. In this scenario, culture is transmitted on a casual and
relaxed frame, considering the fact that getting to a cultural resource
a similar individual experience will provide a better understanding of a
specific cultural heritage. 

To provide an innovative cultural experience, interaction will play a key
In this respect, cutting-edge technologies will be considered and
developed, in
order to provide an innovative interaction with cultural heritage objects.
will be considered providing a hybrid experience, where both, virtual and real
world, are constantly mixed and linked. 

This second point considers two different approaches: augmented reality (where
history, metadata, or, in general, any information linked to a specific
cultural resource can be accessed from this resource in particular; but also
considering personalization, and a social networking component so that other
users’ knowledge is accessible), and also augmented virtuality (where a
world, mirror of the real world, has links and connections to physical objects
and also real users). 

This project main objective is developing an innovative system to interact
Cultural Heritage resources, based on hybrid physical-virtual environments and
social networking, and taking into account personalization as a key issue
to be
considered. Cutting-edge interaction technologies will be developed in
order to
provide an innovative cultural experience to the user.

Contenu à consulter sur le site :

PS-CN-3862: Beijing Sursen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., PME chinoise,
recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP
Pour l’objectif: 4.1 Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation
Nom provisoire du projet: Digital Library Resources Aggregation
Sujet : Digital Library Resources Aggregation can reinforce capacity for
organizations to preserve digital content, based upon information activities
and interactivity (Work-based digital library). The 3rd generation SEP
techniques allow to safeguard a long life cycle preservation of integrity and
authenticity of digital records in a more effective and cost-efficient manner.
This significantly reduces the loss of irreplaceable information and offers
opportunities for its re-use, in particular the work on the dynamic
of cross-media resources existing in institutional digital libraries and
repositories (making use of UOML http://www.uoml.org/uoml_english.htm). 
This proposal idea encourages emergence of large scale digital libraries and
supports communities of practice in deploying and using digital libraries. It
also allows User Generate Content (UGC) to share cross-media resources and
moves towards more personalized and adaptive use to improve understanding and
experience of cultural heritage. Digital Library Resources Aggregation offers
an innovative solution for preserving complex objects, as well. 
This proposal matches the topic b1: Methods and tools for preserving complex
objects, addressing the life-cycle of composite digital information instances
(e.g. multiple embedded structures, actionable objects, distributed and
interlinked resources and ontologies, transient information and ephemeral

Contenu à consulter sur le site :

Pour l’objectif: 5.3 Virtual Physiological Human

PS-TR-3982 : Otit's Ltd. St, entité turque, recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP
Nom provisoire du projet: Central Integrated Hub for VPH Research and Projects
Sujet :  The goal of this project is to design and develop a hub providing
information and awareness for all Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) and
neuroinformatics and biomedical informatics research globally. This project
will enable the researchers and scientists to collaborate and disseminate
results facilitating communication between them and also other stakeholders.
The global scale of neuroinformatics and biomedical informatics offers
unprecedented opportunities for scientific collaborations between and among
experimental and theoretical neuroscientists and biomedical informatics
researchers. To fully harvest these possibilities, coordinated activities are
required to improve key ingredients of neuroscience: data access, data
and data analysis, together with supporting activities for teaching and
training. Focusing on the development and free distribution of tools for
handling and analyzing neurophysiological data, this project will also
serve as
an international forum for computational neuroscientists that are
interested in
sharing experimental data and tools for data analysis and modeling.

Contenu à consulter sur le site :

PS-TR-4002 : SRDC Ltd., PME turque, recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP
Pour l’objectif: 5.3 Virtual Physiological Human
Nom provisoire du projet: LEVER: Linked Open VPH Cloud Knowledge
Sujet : The LEVER Project aims to “uplift” the VPH assets to an open, linked
cloud knowledge infrastructure to facilitate their discovery, re-use and hence
the collaborations among the VPH researchers.
Contenu à consulter sur le site :

Pour l’objectif: 6.2 ICT for Mobility of the Future

PS-PL-3874 : Netix, PME polonaise, recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP
Nom provisoire du projet: ICT for replacing mobility
Sujet : We are looking for partners interested in a project related to
developing ways of replacing physical mobility with internet based
communication- eg. videoconferences, tele-presence, virtual mobility etc. We
are interested in contributing to the development of theoretical concepts, as
well as Proof-of-concept Field Operational Tests.

Contenu à consulter sur le site :

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