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Madame Monsieur

dans le cadre de l'appel 5 du programme CIP TIC PSP, appel lancé le 1 mars,
nous avons reçu une demande de recherche de partenariats d'une entreprise
slovène pour un projet relatif à la thématique 3.1 de ce programme de travail

Cet objectif 3.1 est doté de 8.5 M€ est vise la mise en place d'applications
pilotes sur le thème :

a) For piloting ICT solutions for Fall prevention and detection: 

The objective is to significantly improve quality of life and care for the
ageing population by providing independent living solutions with focus on fall
protection / prevention and safety of elderly people. This should
demonstrate a
substantial increase in quality of life for elderly people while greatly
reducing costs of care, thus supporting a large scale take-up of solutions
across Europe.  
Solutions should address the needs of the full value chain, including the
necessary organisational re-engineering and associated business models and
financial planning. The involved pilot sites should be selected to be
representative of different social and organisational contexts across
Europe in
order to demonstrate the necessary flexibility of the technological
solution to
meet the related needs. The pilots should demonstrate substantial prolongation
of the time elderly people can continue to be at home as well as the resulting
increased efficiency of the care systems. 
The pilots should be clearly demand driven and build on public-private
partnerships. They should bring together a set of regional actions addressing
the above goals and involve relevant stakeholders such as health and social
care service providers, housing corporations and insurance organisations. A
strong involvement of users and their representatives, their families and
carers is expected to ensure end-user acceptance and uptake.

Les informations sur la PME slovène  :


Arso Savanoviæ, PhD
Smart Com, d.o.o.
e-mail: arso.savanovic@smart-com.si
phone: +386 1 5308 350


In elderly population the incidence of falls increases, both in home and
institutional environments, and so does the severity of fall-related issues,
which can drastically reduce both independence of elderly and their quality of
life. Fall prevention and/or detection is thus an important aspect of
independence and safety of the ageing population and ICT can play an important
role in this context.
Proposed project builds on existing innovative ICT fall detection/prevention
solution for institutional settings, which is already running in a real
hospital environment, and aims at extending its functionalities and its use to
home environments.

Proposal outline
Smart Com has developed an innovative and integrated end-2-end ICT system for
institutional settings (hospitals, elderly housings, etc.) which is primarily
designed to allow monitoring of restlessness and presence/absence of the
patient in the bed. Based on this monitoring data responsible medical/care
staff is timely and reliably informed via different channels (e.g. portable
phones, staff portal, etc.), enabling rapid response in order to prevent the
fall in case of patient restlessness or to support the patient in case of a
fall. The system also provides some other features and is used in a real
environment of the Topolšica Hospital in Slovenia.
Due to its modular and flexible nature, the system is open to integration with
various types of sensing devices and use in different application scenarios,
which are very well suited for ageing population and social- and healthcare

The goal of the proposed project is to build on results and experiences from
existing application of the system to prevention/detection of falls from the
bed in an institutional setting and extend it in several directions:   
·       fall prevention/detection in home environments 
        · fall prevention/detection in a generic context based on different
types of sensors, especially looking for the possibility to prevent the
fall in
case that the fall context provides a sufficiently wide window of opportunity
for fall preemption by third party  
        · increasing detection reliability by combining several (sensor)
i.e. eliminating false positives/negatives   
·       supplementing fall detection/prevention with other applications
to independence and quality of living of elderly, e.g. existing system can
dispatch a notification to medical staff in the hospital if a patient wanders
Technical work shall be complemented with value-chain and business case
definition, most notably all involved stakeholders have to be identified and
their interrelations clearly defined - an important goal is to define a setup,
where fast response can be provided ensuring support in case of need. Last but
not least, a pilot trial in real environment will provide realistic data for
validation and evaluation of the concept and proposed solution
Keywords :  ICT, ageing, fall, detection, prevention, independent living

·       Required Skills and Expertise  
· Expertise in sensor devices
· Know-how on social care processes, especially remote social care

Description of work to be carried out by the partner(s) sought  
·       Sensor specialist Analysis of requirements and selection and
of relevant senor devices  
· Housing provider and end user organization shall contribute to requirements
and business case definition and provide real environment and users for pilot
·       Health/social care provider shall contribute to requirements and
business case definition and provide care services for pilot trial 
Type of partner(s) sought   
·       Specialist for sensor devices  
· Health/social care provider 
· Elderly housing provider 
· End user organization

The Proposer is looking for a Coordinator: Yes

un autre contact est mon homologue slovène 

Sekretar/ Secretary
Ministrstvo za visoko šolstvo,znanost in tehnologijo/Ministry of Higher
Education, Science and Technology Kotnikova 38, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

E-mail: samo.zorc@gov.si