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Madame, monsieur
La DG CONECT (ancienne DG INFSO) de la commission européenne  vient de publier
un appel d'offre pour une étude

Short description of nature and quantity or value of supplies or services

The study focuses on the innovation enabled by future Internet and in
particular on social innovation enabledby the 'network effect' of the Internet
and by new models for co-production and sharing of content, and open
development of apps. It includes the analysis of how the open innovation
ecosystems can be more fluid for new entrepreneurship and enterprise creation
based on societal innovation. It will involve entrepreneurs, academics,
students and 'geeks', NGO and volunteers, citizens.

The objectives of the study are:

       to identify the actors in the different fields (e.g. democracy,
environment, energy, quality of life at large) and in the different regions of
Europe and worldwide;
       to analyse and compare their approaches, especially in relation to the
objectives of the European Digital Agenda;
       to identify and compare the most effective strategies for maximising
innovation in European research programmes;
       to mobilise the new actors and the general public in view of future
research actions and social innovation activities;
       to explore new types of entrepreneurship and business models
enabled by
simultaneous societal innovation and user-centricity in service creation,
open innovation ecosystems.

       Maximum Value: 500.000 ?
       Deadline for submitting proposals: 10 August 2012
       contact for all requests:

pour plus d'information :