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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject:  CIP/ réseau thématique SYMPHONY  sur le thème  "Open source pour les administrations" 
        recherche des partenaires 

Madame, monsieur
dans le cadre du CIP un projet espagnol de réseau thématique recherche des

We are very pleased to invite you to participate in SYMPHONY “Innovative
technologies for trusting information and communication environments” European
CIP ICT-PSP Thematic Network (deadline 2007-10-23) project effort in order to
collaborate/cooperate with all of us for building a European Technological and
Innovative Platform for the implementation of a Trusted semantic network for
Citizen and Business eServices applications.

The first year of SYMPHONY is all funded by the CIP ICT-PSP and is focused on
preliminary studies, meetings and forum to share knowledge. resources and
individual efforts in the area of R&D and innovation projects and works for
trusting Public Administration, Business models and Citizen Privacy. 

SYMPHONY needs you high expertise, long experience and ideas in a common and
coordinate purpose to work, research, implement and test a European Trusted
Information and Communication Environment.

MUFICATA, CONSEN Euro-Group and InnovaNet are preparing SYMPHONY Thematic
Network proposal (deadline 2007-10-23), budget 500.000EUR 18 months of
and 20 European governmental, industrial and academic partners.

This is an opportunity to reach funds for doing a common and relevant
Open-Source industrial, merged public-private, cross-sectoral platform and get
some project and work in Open-Solutions and real applications in trusted

The Budget for partner are 20-30KEUR. He was to attend 4 Workshops and provide
experience and interest in different S&T fields of Ontologies, Grids, Trust,
Privacy, Web 2.0, to cooperate for exploring solution, establishing
implement applications and testing the services in a European innovative
platform able to achieve the goals of this ambitious and important EU project.


Build and set up a EUROPEAN OPEN-SOURCE SOLUTIONS available and feasible to
lead, coordinate and carried out the research, innovation and
implementation of
a European trusted Information and Communication System as simple commodity
all, citizen, industries and public administrations.

The main aspects that we intend to address could be:
· Software and system infrastructures, accessibility, interoperability and
socially inteligence.
· Industrial Open-Source solutions producers, Integrators, Providers,
and Consultants Grouping
· Helping, Coaching, Training, Learning and Doing (users, producers and
· Organization of Networks, Groups and Topics related to S&T areas and
Industrial sectors
· Dissemination process throughout a sustainable and responsible exploitation
as Exit strategy
· Citizen and EC public administration requirements at local, regional,
national and European level.
· The supportive environment (financial, legal and technical) for the SYMPHONY

We are seeking the best experts and practitioners in:

·       The S&T areas of Ontologies, semantic-web, open-ID, Micro-formats,
grids, trust-privacy, Authentication, Identification, Authorization,
Characterization, web 2.0, mobile, satellite, Open-Solutions, and other

·       Marketing and Communication, journalist, organization of webminars,
conferences, workmeeting, build and coach communities and constituencies,
knowledge management and transfer, project management, etc

·       Policies-makers, Advisers, Chamber of Commerce, PPAA, Innovation
stakeholders, trans-national organizations, project coordinators, ETPs, etc.

·       eServices, eBusiness, eCommerce, eHealth, eSecurity, eGovernment,
ePraticpation, eInclusion, etc. 

Are you interested?

In order to present your candidature toparticipate, You have to 
1) register in the http://eCentres.net and subscribe in the SYMPHONY group
2) Post your LoIC and introduction in the SYMPHONY group. A Webminar session
will present SYPMHONY at Friday 4th of Oct-07 subscribe you, now!! 


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