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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
 programme CIP : TETAS ? a major trading  
        company in textile machines is interested in a thematic network  RFID.

Madame monsieur

dans le cadre des recherches de partenariat pour le programme CIP, nous avons
reçu une demande d'une grande entreprise de textile turque souhaitant
participer au réseau thématique sur les RFID
Vous trouverez ci-dessous les informations sur cette entreprise

entreprise TETAS

TETAS is a major trading company in the textile machines and accessories
with 9 different locations in 5 major cities in Turkey. TETAS primarily
operates on sales and marketing and maintenance of industrial textile
sewing machines and supply of spare parts and accessories to its customers.
With 2 major warehouses, 200 + staff of which around 120 are either mobile
forces, engineers or staff handling the logistics of order deliveries. TETAS
works with more than 20 international suppliers from different countries such
as Japan , China , Taiwan, Italy , UK, France, Finland, Korea , Usa. Some of
the best known international brands importing textile and apparel products are
H&M, ZARA Group, Next, Tesco, George, Wallmart, Gap, Banana Republic, M&S and
so on.


Having numerous customers and clients whose needs matched a wide variety of
services ended in inconsistency and in efficiency for TETAS. To overcome these
difficulties TETAS started to seek for new technologies and a hybrid solution
seemed to be the best possible one.
The identification methodologies addressed for the hybrid solution were
barcode, 2d barcode, uhf RFID, hf RFID, nfc, active RFID , wi-f-, gps and
The point to be emphasized is that the implemented solution should not be a
closed loop or pilot solution but a solution that could cope with the supply
chain business procedures and bring efficiency to the various different
concerned procedures with the ability to talk different systems and
identification methodologies used by 3rd part partners such as suppliers,
customers and 3rd party logistics companies for delivery services. The hybrid
RFID solution implemented in TETAS is running live since august 2007. The
project start date was June 2006. After investigating the solution Siemens ,
Sato , Reva and Oracle have granted strategic partnership to TETAS on RFID
enabled solutions. The implementation methodologies alongside the improvement
on the
major kpi indicators were investigated . Huge benefits in warehouse management
and efficient use of space and vehicles were established. The project also
received 2008 technology award. Since then with the support of Siemens we have
shown our solution to various industries to increase the awareness of RFID use
in their business processes. TETAS group also has various different companies
as subsidiaries. The sectors covered are mainly
apparel production and export, textile and packaging label manufacturing also
printing Turkish Airways tickets, stationery products trade, paper trade,
leasing and financing . All of these organizations could be a potential
user of
these solutions .With the increasing support of some high tech companies TETAS
has decided to set up a RFID based solution company with the partnership of
most of their partners.


TETAS has been looking for a consortium on RFID to enter into (or set up a new
one) for the upcoming CIP/ICT PSP call. The aimed program is Thematic

Any groups that are interested in cooperating with TETAS should contact Ms.
Fulya Kasap at:


or can call +90 212 230 52 82.

ou encore auprès du point de contact turc

State Planning Organization
Tel: + 90 312 294 6470
Fax: + 90 312 294 6477

mail yilmazo@dpt.gov.tr

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