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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
PCRDT Thématique TIC Appels en cours   Recherche de partenaires  

Madame, monsieur

Dans le cadre du montage des consortia pour répondre aux appels en cours du
programme de travail 2009 de la thématique TIC du PCRDT, nous avons retenus
quelques recherches de partenaires potentiels

PS-ES-2959: http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/ES/PS-ES-2959 

Barcelona Digital Technology Centre, un centre de recherche espagnol recherche
des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 5.1 Personal Health Systems

Nom provisoire du projet: VITALITY Virtual Interactive Therapy (depression and
associated mood disorders)
Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

Virtual Interactive Therapy system for the prevention, treatment and
of depression and associated mood disorders
VITality proposes to develop a new generation of interactive technologies that
support large-scale at home self-guided and externally monitored and coached
cognitive and behavioral therapy. 

Présentation de la proposition:
Research & Technology objectives:
· Model based medical approach: adverse behavioral and cognitive feedback
can be
corrected through a combination of implicit neuro-bio-feedback paradigms
combined with explicit and specific cognitive approaches in interactive
· Depression detection and self- and remote (direct doctor-patient
· Patient data collection and processing systems: measuring of honest and
behavioral signals 
· Virtual Environment: users experience different treatment scenarios with
feedback created real-time using virtual multimodal environment and synthetic
· Remote monitoring, control and coaching system for the therapist with
intelligent support for prevention of crisis, diagnosis decision support,
· Continuous user-involvement (usability, acceptance, trust) 

Expertises demandées:
Virtual therapy systems expertise and experience in medical software/medical

Partenaires recherchés:
Companies with a potential roadmap for exploitation: self therapy software,
clinical software, medical remote assistance systems, - in public and private
The proposer is not looking for a coordinator.
Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:

JPS-IL-2872: http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/IL/PS-IL-2872

Bar Ilan University, université Israelienne recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: IP

Dans le défi: 5.1 Personal Health Systems
Nom provisoire du projet: EHsense: A multiparametric monitoring system that
pave/direct a longitudinal treatment course for Depression and PTSD
Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

The call topic is: 5.1-b (mental health)
EHsense project main strategic objective is to develop a multiparametric
based on an Infra Red laser pointer, a little camera, and sensors, enable
simultaneously scanning eye movements and patient diameter as well as heart
rate as physiological markers in depression and PTSD. The developed device
enable measurement and online analyzing physiological dynamic changes of the
patient in real-time with high accuracy, thus will reflect changes in the
patient’s depressive psychiatric state pre- and during his treatment. This
proposal is based on the assumption that the main principal sensory input in
humans is visual and the mood state is expressed by the autonomic nervous
system, which affects heart rate. This system will enable also measurement of
non-cooperative subjects such as children utilizing advanced data networks to
communicate with health professionals. These measures will also be used as
early predictors of the outcome of the selected treatment.

Présentation de la proposition:
1. System architecture and characterization 
2. "End users" characterization - characterise the patients disorder criteria.
3. Development of the Eye movement and Optical Sensors 
4. Development of algorithms for remote monitoring and control systems
(learning algorithm linking sensors derived data/input to monitoring system
output, individual and multi patient monitoring software, monitoring device
apotropus and physician use, develop a full control interface on the system
parts: sensors, laser system, camera, eye movement monitoring system,
electronic module, develop the database based on the multi patient monitoring)
5. Communication (smart phone, sensors communication with the telemedicine
unit, external transceiver, remote HW system, SW, Patient data security and
6. Modeling and simulation (sensors modeling, risk analysis models) 
7. Proof of concept and Implementation (validation via simulator and
in animal models)

Expertises demandées:
Childhood and adolescent psychiatrists
PTSD and depression experts
ICT wireless solutions
Economic modeling specialists
SW engineers
Biology statistics
Network experts (internet, cellular, satillite)
Optics experts
Wireless device development eperts

Partenaires recherchés:
Large industry - infrustructures
SME - SW egineering, optics, electronics, economic modeling
Investors (univesities or research centers) with ICT innovations

The proposer is not looking for a coordinator.

Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:

PS-RO-2783 : http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/RO/PS-RO-2783

Institute for Computers, un centre de recherche roumain recherche des
partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 7.2 Accessible and Assistive ICT
Nom provisoire du projet: Virtual system based-on blind person skills:
eco-location and “obstacle sense” using GIS/GPS technologies (VIBELOS)
Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

VIBELOS shall utilize computational representations of blind person skills:
echo-location and “obstacle sense” in cognitive processes as a basis for a
system that seek to engage the underlying mechanisms of human cognition and
augment the cognitive capacities of human users using aspects from GIS/GPS

Présentation de la proposition:
VIBELOS with Discrepancy Detection (the human believes the system/machine
is in
one state and acts accordingly) will utilize a model where the system may
intervene to resolve the discrepancy human perception – system status
The main goal:
• Basic understanding of computational representations of cognitive processes
for blind persons
• Philosophical aspects from the standpoint of “obstacle sense” for blind
• Virtual maps representation with echo-location
• Assist the human in identifying the “obstacle” to give him a true picture
to focus on the performance intensive sections of the system
• Assist in identifying the need for synchronization by detecting errors which
may occur as well as those which do.

Expertises demandées:
Universities: Philosophy Faculty 
Organisations with Social Responsibilities component
Bio - Informatic Development companies: Companies with experience and
skills in
development of Bio - Informatic engineering 
Software/Hardware Development companies: Companies with experience and skills
in development of software engineering 
Ergonomics: Expertise in group processes for distributed teams and computer
supported cooperative working.

Partenaires recherchés:
Universities, IT Companies, NGOs.

The proposer is not looking for a coordinator.

Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:

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