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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: Partenariats possibles PCRDT TIC et CIP TIC

Madame, monsieur

Quelques partenariats possibles

PS-IL-3173: http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/IL/PS-IL-3173 

Cardio Acoustics, PME israelienne recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 5.1 Personal Health Systems

Nom provisoire du projet: Cardiac Functionality Monitoring CARMON
Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

The health system today understands and embraces the importance of prevention.
It is understood that early detection results in effective treatment and
reduces patient risk and suffering. For example, congestive heart failure
often results in pulmonary congestion, which can rapidly deteriorate,
especially at rest, when fluid accumulates in the lungs, to result in apnea
cardiac insufficiency. CHF is a poorly managed disease, and it clearly
exemplifies how failure of timely administration of a €0.1 diuretic can result
in a €10,000 intensive care ordeal. Its poor manageability results from the
difficulty to predict CHF episodes. Consequently, the rapid detection of
decreased cardiac output resulting from increased pulmonary resistance is
extremely important for CHF patients. This situation could become fatal within

The CARMON project will solve these problems by developing an end-to-end
solution in a closed communication loop beginning with a miniature, wearable,
non-invasive, mobile acoustic monitor. It will follow cardiac functionality
will be able to alert when incipient pulmonary congestion is starting to
develop. The component will automatically communicate with a designated
staff that will receive results online in time to decide and deliver the
required treatment, from waking the patient and asking him to take a pill, to
sending an ambulance. 

Présentation de la proposition:
The technology of CARMON will be based on phonocardiography combined with
advanced medical algorithms and signal processing methods. This technology
relies on heart sounds as an indicator of the mechanical activity of the
in addition to the cardiac electrical activity. The novel concept relates to
analysis of heart sounds together with the modulation generated by the
respiratory activity. Due to the respiratory modulation of cardiac sounds,
changes in sound characteristics can be discerned only if modulations
caused by
respiration are addressed. When this occurs, a much higher sensitivity and
specificity of cardiac changes can be obtained. 
The CARMON technology will have unique characteristics that will enable its
in normal home care environment. It will circumvent the shortcomings of the
prevailing technologies by providing unattended noninvasive, continuous
monitoring with high sensitivity/specificity. 
The platform complementing the component can be integrated into existing
emergency systems, HMOs, etc. to cover the entire span needed for home care. 

Expertises demandées:
Doctors, cardiologist, CHF caregivers, Emergency teams

Partenaires recherchés:
Emergency medical center - Home care provider - Telemedicine provider

The proposer is not looking for a coordinator.

Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:


PS-IT-3180: http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/IT/PS-IT-3180 

Università degli Studi di Salerno, université italienne recherche des
partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 6.4 ICT for Environmental Services & Climate Change Adaptation

Nom provisoire du projet: METEO - Continuous Monitoring of Environment and
Date de clôture: 01/04/2009
The project aims at setting up a Risk Knowledge Management Network, in the
domain of environmental risk management, supported by a interoperable ICT
system that contributes towards a Single Information Space in Europe for the
Environment, a Shared Environmental Information System and towards the INSPIRE

Présentation de la proposition:
As risks of climate change and their impact on the population, the territory,
critical urban infrastructures and services is increasing, there is a need to
anticipate, monitor and manage environmental disasters like floods and fire,
considering the level of air pollution (CO2, NOx, O3, CO, CH4), in order to
downsize the negative effects by adopting preventive and corrective emergency

Data acquisition will occur through:
· sensor networks 
· satellite technology 
· geographic information systems 

The scenario based Risk Knowledge Management Network will result from:
· scenario based predictions 
· damage assessment 
· 3D/4D modelling simulation and visualisation 

Two geographic areas in Italy will be used for setting up a monitoring system
and testing that will divert data into a data fusion and processing IT center.

The main beneficiaries will be organizations whose mission is to protect the
population, the environment, critical infrastructure and services and other
end-users who will use and / or further treat data and information for
administrative, scientific or dissemination purposes. 

Expertises demandées:
1) Research Center / University / Private Organisation expert in:
· scenario based predictions 
· damage assessment 
· 3D/4D modelling simulation and visualisation 
2) Authorities / Public Entities (not in Italy, as this is already available):
providing permission for a geographical area where to install a monitoring
system and collecting the data, we would monitor and collect data by :
· Remote sensing system for fire detection (visible/infrared) 
· Weather station 
· Rainfall network 
· Sensors for monitoring levels, flow of water courses 
· CO2 sensors 
· Monitoring stations for monitoring air quality NOx, O3, CO, CH4.
3) SME (partner / subcontractor) expert in:
Sensors technologies and assembly considering recent advances in
miniaturisation of sensors
4) IT Experts contributing to the development of an interoperable ICT system

Partenaires recherchés:
· Research Center/University/Private Organisation, see required skills and
expertise section point 1) 
· Public Entities, see required skills and expertise section point 2) 
· SME, see required skills and expertise section point 3) 
· Research Center/University/Private Organisation/SME, see required skills and
expertise section point 4) 

The proposer is not looking for a coordinator.

Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:


Concerning the Objective ICT 2009.9.3. General Accompanying Measures Part a), 

TUBITAK is willing to participate and contribute by taking an active part in
the ICT-INCO Projects.

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
(TUBITAK) is the main national funding agency in Turkey.
• TUBITAK acts also as an advisory agency to the Turkish Government on science
and research issues, and is the secretariat of the Supreme Council for Science
and Technology (SCST), the highest S&T policy making body in Turkey.

• TUBITAK has been assigned officially by the Turkish government as the
organisation for the EU Framework Programmes.
• Higher levels of resources for research giving special priority to ICT are
being allocated from the state budget, new programmes are being planned and
initiated and awareness raising and dissemination activities (such as
conferences, workshop, publications, etc.) are being carried out by TUBITAK

9.3 a) “This requires the active involvement of relevant stakeholders with
sufficient influence on educational and training systems at Member State /
Associated Country level and with access to information relevant to skill
TÜBÐTAK is repsonsible for:
Promoting, funding and monitoring academic R&D
Promoting, supporting and monitoring industrial RTD & innovations &
fostering academia-industry cooperation
= > Turkey is an Associated Country to FP7.

9.3 a) “Co-ordinated approach to assess the current and future situation with
regards to ICT R&D skills in Europe and to engage in promotion actions
aimed at
building up and attracting more ICT research expertise in Europe.”
TÜBÐTAK is repsonsible for:
Discovering talents and supporting scientists of the future
Awarding annual prizes, serving as incentives for scientific excellence

9.3 a) “..international co-operation relating to the move of researchers and
professionals and other relevant issues.”
Organising and running international S&T cooperation
Turkey ranks 6th in IRG projects among MS / AC with a total of 47 projects.

Pour plus d'information

Ezgi Bener
TUBITAK EU Framework Programmes
National Coordination Office
Atatürk BulvarÝ No:221
06100 KavaklÝdere/ Ankara
Tel: 00.90.312.468.53.00 / 2580

PS-BE-2991 : http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/BE/PS-BE-2991

CETIC, centre de recherche belge recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP
Dans le défi: 6.1 ICT for Safety and Energy Efficiency in Mobility
Nom provisoire du projet: SecureIVC
Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

The main objective of the SecureIVC proposal is to research and develop
communications between vehicles, and between vehicles and infrastructure
(roadside units). Current vehicular communications security solutions are
intended for the protection of local short range communications. These
solutions cannot protect the vehicular communications against coordinated
malicious attack (collusion). The SecureIVC project will develop trust
for mitigating such collusion threats in the vehicular communications by using
reputation systems.

Présentation de la proposition:
SecureIVC project will provide methodology to distinguish between genuine and
malicious information providers. It will develop:
· A comprehensive approach to verify the correctness of the submitted
information before its acceptance and eventual transmission to the other road
· Association of reputation factor with the submitted information so that the
authenticity of the information can be evaluated. 
· Algorithms for processing the information provider’s credibility ·
Simulations, testing and validation of proposed algorithms and methodologies ·
Contributions to vehicular communications standards · Prototype implementation
several scenarios such as: 
o Communication between vehicles at busy crossroad o Traffic management in
emergency situations in the aftermath of a roadside accident o Attack use
§ Masquerading, manipulation, … 

The project will strengthen Europe’s position in the vehicular safety.
Architectural solution for trust-based vehicular communications creates
possibilities to build infrastructural solutions that can provide security and
trust assurances for the transportation system.

Expertises demandées:
· Expertise in the automobile manufacturing · Expertise in the development of
vehicular communication technologies · Expertise in the vehicular
services · Expertise in exploitation and dissemination of project results 

Partenaires recherchés:
· Automobile manufacturers
· In-car technology developers
· Vehicular communication services developers and providers · Business

The proposer is not looking for a coordinator.


SICE, une entreprise espagnole, recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 6.1 ICT for Safety and Energy Efficiency in Mobility

Nom provisoire du projet: Advanced Cooperative Routing for Clean and Efficient
Mobility (GREENROUTE) Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

This project proposes a breakthrough innovation in the field of cooperative
road traffic dynamic management systems. Up to now, the dynamic traffic
management systems operate with the aim of optimising the traffic flows within
the relevant road network, what generally implies the reduction of the
congestion and hence the energy consumption and vehicles’ emissions. 
A radically new approach to traffic management will be developed in this
project: an innovative cooperative dynamic traffic management system that will
be able to handle the mobility demand over a road network to reduce
the energy consumption, CO2 and other polluting emissions of the road
system over such network. 

Présentation de la proposition:
This proposal is aimed at: 
• To develop a clean and energy-optimised dynamic traffic management system to
further improve the traffic and transport performance in terms of energy
efficiency and pollutants emission • Developing an advanced mobility
planner for
road operators. 
• Providing the user with real time and dynamic traffic information through a
user-friendly vehicle HMI The following are the main activities to be develop
in order to achieve these
• Development of an intelligent and dynamic traffic management system in order
to optimise the efficiency of road traffic providing with advanced routing
services to users. 
• Development of vehicle on-board equipment In conclusion, this project will
take the traffic management to highest levels of control over the flowing
traffic, this way contributing strongly towards a clean and efficient

Expertises demandées:
Experts in digitally maps, providers of road networks, accurate road geometry,
digital map databases. 
Developers of navigation solutions

Partenaires recherchés:
Industrial partner (Large scale industry and SMEs), Centers of Research,
Universities The proposer is not looking for a coordinator.

Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:


S-BY-2935: http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/BY/PS-BY-2935

Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of National Academy of Sciences of
Belarus, recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 6.1 ICT for Safety and Energy Efficiency in Mobility Nom
provisoire du projet: Intelligent safety transport motion (INSAMO) Retrieve
Partner Search at: 
Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

The main objective of INSAMO project is to research and develop road safety
performance of transport systems. It means the elaboration of smart and
adaptable transport communication service platform for further improving of
integrated approaches to safety, considering together the infrstructure,
vehicles, drivers and other transport users. INSAMO represents transport
system, connecting transport means in the common information space with
possibility of interchange of information about dangerous road conditions
(ice-formation, slippery road, traffic jams, vulnerable or dangerous drivrng
and so on), and makes it possible to correct motion of vehicles (or stop it at
all) in compliance with taken information. The information about choose
conditions can be transmitted from vehicles to service centers for
of transport motion and re-orientation of transport flows. 

Présentation de la proposition:
INSAMO represents transport communication system, included vehicles, equipped
- several radio-channels for connection "car-by-car", with service center (in
dangerous conditions appearing) and for control of a car technical state;
- GPS for location of a vehicle and correction of vehicle motion parameters;
- device for analyses of the diagnostic system data (tester).
It is known different approaches, providing the using of special road sensors
for determining of road quality. But car as such can be the most probable and
credible tool for defining of a number of (even just) appearing dangerous
situations. That is due to using of a number of technological solutions,
providing the analyses of technical parameters of the car, it is possible to
determine driving conditions and the threat of the dangerous situation
INSAMO, basing in large extent on sufficiently well-developed technologies
(GPS, diagnostic system, GSM), in addition with elaboration of radio-channel
"car-to-car" and some technology solutions may be reliable and advanced tool
for increasing of motion safety and traffic situation detection. 

Expertises demandées:
Car manufactories
Expertise in GPS
Experts in real time computing algorithms and simulations Experts in radio
communication (development of antennas, transmitters and
Expert in development of embedded systems, networks and protocols Business

Partenaires recherchés:
Recearch institutions
Car manufactories (end users)

The proposer is looking for a coordinator.

Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:

Mathilde Bruyere
PCN Transport SST - FP7
Le Descartes 2 - 2 rue de la Butte Verte
93166 Noisy le Grand Cedex, France
Tel : +33 1 45 92 55 24

PS-ES-3122: http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/ES/PS-ES-3122

University of Granada, université espagnole recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 7.2 Accessible and Assistive ICT

Nom provisoire du projet: integrated system for assisting disabled and elderly
people in communication, control environment and remote monitoring
Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

Our objective is to contribute to the development of an intelligent ambient
system as assistive technology for disabled and elderly people. Several
functionalities will be integrated into this system: 
- Adaptation based on context aware services (including location, users
tracing, and activities which are being performed). 
- The environment control from a Mobile Device. 
- Remote monitoring of the users' activities. 
- Remote monitoring of environmental sensors and biosensors.

Présentation de la proposition:
The proposed system will be designed and developed to be used in the future by
people with motor or communicative disabilities (including elderly people with
cognitive and physical impairments) pursuing essentially the integration of
these individuals within their family and social environment. Our main
motivation is to easy the situation of people who, for different reasons (lack
of mobility, brain injury, cognitive impairment, age, etc.), have serious
communication and learning problems, and difficulties to achieve a certain
autonomy controlling their environment. No doubt this lack of communication
/ or mobility leads to difficulties in social integration and worsening the
personal situation.
We propose this research, development and technological innovation project,
because we think that one of the dependent person goals is to achieve a total
or are least partial autonomy. In this sense, new technologies can help in the
improvement of the quality of life of people with dependency or handicapped in
different environments (at home, at school, in the street at hospitals, etc.).
ICTs can also help their families and professionals working with them. We
intend to integrate different tasks (communication, learning, environment
control, remote monitoring) into a single system, using a middleware platform
that provides support for the entire system. Therefore, the efforts of the
project researchers will focus on research, learn, share experiences and
propose improvements over the existing developments in the fields mentioned

Expertises demandées:
Expertise in sensor networks and domotics
Expertise in Biosensors and Brain/Neuronal computer interfaces
Expertise in application of patterns and artificial inteligent techniques for
evaluation and detection of anomalous behaviours. 

Partenaires recherchés:
Universities and Research centers 
Industrial companies
The proposer is looking for a coordinator.

Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:


PS-SK-3111: http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/SK/PS-SK-3111

Institute of Informatics, centre de recherche slovaque recherche des
pour un:
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 3.6 Computing Systems

Nom provisoire du projet: TOPAS: Task oriented PArallel programing System
Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

The objective of this project is to develop a new dynamic parallel programming
environment for future systems, which will adress Objective ICT-2009.3.6
Computing Systems a) Parallelisation & programmability.

Présentation de la proposition:
The objective of this project is to develop a completely new approach for
parallel programming for future systems. 
Integrated scheduler in runtime system will make programs developed in new
environments run natively and effectively on multicore or distributed systems
without modifications. 
Porting classic sequential programs to new environment can be done with
efforts due to automatic data dependence analysis and synchronization. 

Expertises demandées:
- Experiences with parallel programming environment (multicore, distributed)
- Having suitable applications for testing and validating new environement
developed in the project
- Experiences with dissemination activities

Partenaires recherchés:
Industrial partner for giving requiremens, testing, validation and
dissemination of developed platform

The proposer is not looking for a coordinator.

Pour en savoir plus, venez retirer cette recherche de partenaire:


Pour plus d'information
Claire FERTE


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