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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: PCRDT TIC partenaires potentiels de projets

Madame monsieur
Quelques propositions de partenariats

PS-IT-3210 : http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/IT/PS-IT-3210

ID.E.A s.r.l., PME italienne recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 5.1 Personal Health Systems

Nom provisoire du projet: CHRONOS

Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is a progressive disease. Surgical implant of
VADs is adopted if no other choice is available either as bridge to transplant
or as destination therapy. The crucial point is to properly follow up those
patients in the aim to improve the quality of life and to reduce social and
financial effort. CHRONOS’ main goal is to design, implement and validate a
novel, dependable, care model for CHF patients with or without VAD implant
elaborates upon the state of the art clinical protocols, by exploiting
innovation leverages typical of ICT. 

Présentation de la proposition:
The system is based on: 
- THC model provided on the basis of clinical data entry, low cost wearable
sensors and well recognized telemedicine technologies; 
- Knowledge-based optimizing algorithms aimed at data processing and
triage-like modeling for alarms triggering and automatic call forwarding, able
to select and integrate the heterogeneous measures coming from sensors and
other clinical measures also addressing cost issues and patients’
- Analysis and correlation of the multi-parametric data with established
biomedical knowledge to derive clinically relevant information; decision
support to optimise care by considering changes in health status, alertness,
activity levels or response to treatment; clinical workflows to support remote
applications, addressing also alarms and remote control of the VADs by health
- Education and feedback protocols to caregivers and patients. 
The consortium contains a mix of academic leadership, clinical sites, and
industrial partners ensuring exploitation of the wealth of a ICT-enabled THC
model aimed at providing solutions to improve remote diagnosis, treatment and
management of CHF, while on VAD support. 

Expertises demandées:
1) Companies producing cardiocirculatory and pulmonary telemonitoring
2) Entities that gained experience in managing telehomecare systems. 
3) Companies producing PHR based on proprietary and/or Opens source software
providing a validation platform. 

Partenaires recherchés:
1) Companies producing "connected" medical devices, peripherals and software
used in telemedicine. 2) Entities promoting and developing effectiveness and
user benefit in remote medical services. 
3) Research centres.

The proposer is not looking for a coordinator.

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PS-EE-3178 : http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/EE/PS-EE-3178 

Visitret Displays Ltd., PME estonienne recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 3.8 Organic Photonics and other Disruptive Photonics

Nom provisoire du projet: GYREDI: Gyricon active component for reflective

Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

The goal of the application-driven research activities in the project
to create a low-cost smart photo-active organic component, that can be
controlled by electrical voltage and integrated as a device component with
displays, next generation flexible systems and various colour changing
materials (e.g. textile, surfaces). The methods for producing the components
(core industrial technology) will be developed as well.
As a result of the proposal the new organic photonic component (active
can replace liquid crystal or OLED components in conventional applications. It
can be used as an active element of an electronic visualization device.
The component can be distinguished by:
o Super-high contrast, brightness and good visibility in conditions of
intensive external light (e.g. daylight) because the component uses reflected
external light for image creation and additionally a unique novel method is
o High video response speed;
o Extremely low energy consumption – the active element retains images
during a
long period after supply voltage is switched off (bistable) that enables to
thin (e.g. printed) energy sources for power supply and produce super-thin
integrated devices;
o Possibility to adapt to integrated circuits and visualization devices
by different technologies (including roll2roll and printed technologies; other
materials such as textile and surface coatings). It is possible to use the
active element as a component for producing different displays and e-paper
roll2roll technology;
o Very low production costs that enables to equip cheap and disposable
(smart cards, tickets, posters, packaging, band-aids, etc.) with displays.

Présentation de la proposition:
The aim of the project is to develop an organic photonic component that meets
all qualitative requirements of an active element for different visualization
devices thereby expanding the display market to totally new application areas.
One of the main goals of the proposal is to achieve certain parameters of the
component based on the market and industry needs (stability; full colour; high
resolution; high video response speed; optimal voltage; adaptability to
roll2roll and printing technologies; very low production costs) and work out
technologies for producing the material in large quantities with repeatable
parameters, so that the material’s cutting-edge potential (i.e expansion of
display market to completely novel application areas) could be realized.
The results of the proposed solution enable:
* European companies to compete successfully in the areas of producing active
elements for visualization devices such as e-paper, different displays, colour
changing surfaces, etc.
* Expand the market of visualization devices with new applications (smart
cards, colour changing clothes, etc.)
* Decrease significantly the energy consumption of a wide range of electronic
* Produce more consumer friendly and lighter products.

Expertises demandées:
Flat panel display (FPD) industry experts - knowledge of flat panel display
market including technical requirements for FPD-s and active elements of
knowledge about current FPD market situation and trends; manufacturing
experience of FPD-s or manufacturing experience of devices that include
panels as components.
The partner should have expertize from the production area of flat panel
displays (or devices using FPD-s) and use of active elements (e.g. LCD, OLED,
PDP etc) as components of displays. Most importantly the partner should be
to specify all the technical parameters that the active component of a FPD
should have to be able to enter the market successfully. Also, the partner
should have good knowledge of the market trends in FPD component development
areas (e.g. control cirquits, flexible substrates etc) to target future
for the active component.

Partenaires recherchés:
Industrial end-user for analysis of the user needs and active
elements/components of display panels, including display panel producers;
display producers and original equipment manufacturers (devices with
Geographical location of the end-user company is not limited with Europe. 

The proposer is not looking for a coordinator.

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PS-GR-3201: http://www.ideal-ist.net/Countries/GR/PS-GR-3201 

BEL, université grecque recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP

Dans le défi: 5.1 Personal Health Systems

Nom provisoire du projet: PERKA

Date de clôture: 01/04/2009

Telehomecare Services for Peritoneal Dialysis Monitoring

Présentation de la proposition:
The project proposal concerns the development of a prototype system enabling
the provision of telehomecare services to renal failure patients, who perform
peritoneal dialysis. 
Like haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis replaces lost kidney function, using
the peritoneal membrane as a filter. There are two main types of peritoneal
dialysis: Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) & Automated
peritoneal dialysis (APD). CAPD is usually done four times a day, with each
exchange lasting about 30 minutes and it can be done almost anywhere, as long
as a clean area is available. APD is performed during the night and a machine
called a cycler does the exchanges automatically. 
Peritoneal dialysis gives patients more control, but this independence
makes it
especially important that they work closely with their health care team in
order to effectively monitor the peritoneal dialysis procedure and the
patient’s vital parameters. 
The proposed system includes the patient unit and the medical center. The
patient unit, a PDA, enables the wireless collection and transmission of vital
signs (i.e. weight, blood pressure and heart rate and in specific cased ECG
blood glucose as well) over 3G/GPRS. In addition, the patient unit enables
entry by the patient, answering a dynamic set of questions regarding his/her
health statues. The set of questions is defined by the healthcare team and is
dynamically updated on the patient unit, enabling individualized treatment
plans and monitoring services. The medical center is a web-based portal,
enabling medical data storing, archiving and processing and automatic
notification of the medical personnel in case of “alarm” situations

Expertises demandées:
Nephrology Clinics
Peritoneal Dialysis Device Manufacturers
Medical Research
Software Development SME

Partenaires recherchés:
Medical Uninversities

The proposer is looking for a coordinator.

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Pour toute information complémentaire
Claire FERTE


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