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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: recherche de partenaires pour des projets TIC

Madame, monsieur

Nous avons extraits poru vous quelques recherches de partenaires 


L’université anglaise de Cardiff recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: IP
Dans le défi: 2.2 Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics
Nom provisoire du projet: HEterogeneous Robot Teams for Search and Rescue
Operations (HETRO)
Date de clôture: 08/04/2008
The HEterogeneous Robot Teams for Search and Rescue Operations (HETRO) project
aims the development and implementation of an integrated system composed of
several heterogeneous robotic modules for urban search and rescue operations.
HETRO is targeted to support to Civil Protection Agencies, Fire brigades and
Police forces when dealing with potentially dangerous scenarios such as
and man-made disasters. These scenarios include large fires, earthquakes,
explosions, industrial accidents, chemical and nuclear disasters, etc. The
robotic HETRO system is meant for the replacement of human operators in
hazardous tasks, for the support of rescue operations, and for integration
other search and rescue agents (e.g. humans, dogs, fixed sensors, etc.). The
HETRO system will provide help and support functions to investigate
environmental parameters, search for survivors, and locate sources of hazards
such as chemical or gas spills, toxic pollution, pipe leaks, radioactivity,
etc. The HETRO system will support the work of human rescuers by providing
communication infrastructure, transporting equipment and performing
manipulation tasks.
Expertises demandées:
They are looking for:
Profile 1:
Experts in urban search and rescue operations (urban search and rescue
Profile 2:
Mobile robotics experts (navigation and control of robotic units, remotely
controlled toys engineers, swarm robotic experts)
Human-system interaction experts (environmental mapping, ergonomics,
user interfaces)
Partenaires recherchés:
The partners can be:
Profile 1:
Civil protection agencies
Fire brigades
International urban search and rescue agencies
Governmental urban search and rescue agencies
Profile 2:
Large companies
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Le centre de recherche allemand OFFIS Institute for Information Technology
recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP
Dans le défi: 4.4 Intelligent Content and Semantics
Nom provisoire du projet: SemaPhoto - Emergent content and semantics from
personal media, context and metadata
Date de clôture: 08/04/2008
The goal of the project proposal is to achieve a substantial step forward in
understanding the media content provided by the users. We aim at developing
methods to continuously allow personal media collections to grow and evolve
with every personal media asset and external Web 2.0 content sources while
digging out and exploiting the collections’ semantics and users’ knowledge.
These efforts shall be embedded in a community-based approach for personal
digital photographs. 
Expertises demandées:
The technical and research partners of the consortium are already fixed. We
have successfully acquired high quality leaders in the understanding of media
semantics, metadata extraction, and metadata enrichment. We also have a key
player from the photo finishing industry. 
We are looking for one additional industry partner for exploiting the project
results. This exploitation must include the use of digital photographs but can
be in different ways and in different domains. The concrete exploitation
depends on your expertise and business field. Some examples are:
telecommunication companies, providers of community portals, photo sharing
systems, travel portals, event management, documentation, and journalism. 
We are seeking for a SME or a large company that has experience with and
provides services based on digital photographs. We are looking for a visible
and mainstream-oriented application for end users that can benefit from
intelligent, semantically-enriched photo content. You can be present
Europe (or more) or a national player. However, important is a strong
commitment to exploit and use the project results. The European Commission
expects a compelling presentation of how to commercialize the results. If you
think that you are a good candidate for the project consortium, please do not
hesitate to contact us.
Partenaires recherchés:
The partners can be:
Industry partner, either SME or large company that makes use of intelligent,
semantically-rich photo content.
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