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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: Les recherches de partenariats pour la Thématique TIC

Madame, Monsieur,

le réseau européen des points de contacts nationaux propose des recherches de
partenariats pour constituer les consortiua en réponse aux appels à
Pour en savoir plus contacter le NCP français Claire FERTE à UBIFRANCE
claire.ferte@ubifrance .fr

vous trouverez ci-dessous une liste des propositions en cours


Challenge: 4 Digital libraries and content

Objective: 4.1 Digital libraries and technology-enhanced learning

Funding Scheme: STREP

Une université suisse ETH Zürich, MMS département  Informatikdienste 

recherche une partenaire pour un projet sur Collaborative and Automated
Multimedia Annotation for Customized E-Learning

résumé : A growing number of audiovisual recordings, often enhanced by
presentation-based content, transforms lectures, seminars, and meetings into
potentially ubiquitous learning-objects. However, their value remains confined
to a very limited set of applications as long as these objects are not
searchable. As manual metadata allocation is not scalable in regard to the
rapidly growing number of recordings, automated processes and collaborative
scenarios are needed. Here, we propose automated content-search, automated
speech recognition, and collaborative tagging for enriching recordings towards
a basis for customized learning
Assets of audiovisual and content-endorsed lectures are growing in size as
content is produced on a more and more regular basis due to the increasing
availability of a digital production and distribution infrastructure.

Designated advantages are limited, however, in some respect: Access towards
data is systematic and orderly only, using descriptive keywords. Manual
metadata allocation, being labour intensive as it is, is limited to a
straightforward set of information, therefore content-based approaches towards
the data are being restricted to a limited set of keywords. Moreover, metadata
is static and describing the object as a whole, so users can only search the
data for keywords assigned to the multimedia content as an entity. The
on the contrary, is isochronal, i.e. evolving over time. Therefore, a keyword
describing the final chapter of a presentation will result in the user having
to watch (or scroll through) a vast amount of content not relevant to him/her.
Finally, multimedia objects tend to foster a passive approach to learning,
the consumption of recorded lectures. There are very limited ways of actively
adopting learning objects or stimulating students to work with the recordings.

Automated recording systems today are able to capture content from the
presenter's computer and synchronize it with audio and video recorded. In
to provide more intelligent approaches to these objects, metadata has to
isochronic as well. Any development towards more manageable and valuable data
repositories, especially from the students' perspective, therefore would have
to consider the following aspects:

·       automated annotation based on content (i.e. presentation), OCR 
·       automated speech recognition ASR 
·       manual annotation by authors/experts with special authoring tools 
·       collaborative annotation by users/students (social tagging) 

By making use of the logical and conceptual dependency structures of the
audiovisual documents, the provided search results will extend the single list
of sequentially ordered documents - ordered by some measure of relevance -
provided by today's search engines. With the dependency structures made
explicit a well suited visualization of the entire knowledge provided by the
annotated audiovisual data will enable efficient domain navigation. According
to the personal preferences of the user a content-based semantic search engine
will present an overview of interdependent audiovisual documents related to
requested topic. Thus, enabling the user to arrange a customized lecture that
consists of single interrelated audiovisual segments according to his personal
information needs.

Customized Learning Scenarios will combine extracts from different recordings
depending on the user's query, experience, and rights: Instead of consuming
lectures as an entity, individualized and problem-based approaches towards a
subject-matter become feasible by assembling extracts from different

Medical Recordings are produced at extraordinary expenses without adequate
opportunities of usage. By providing tools for annotation, these recordings
will become essential part of patient documentations.

Knowledge Pool: With companies being eager for collecting knowledge
produced in
their own ranks, recording presentations will be the first step to open
source for knowledge pools. Automatically metadating and manually annotating
them, will be second, more important one to make this source a more profitable

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une PME allemande Infoman Informationsmanagement GmbH
dans le défi 4 4 Digital libraries and content 
objectif Objective: 4.2 Intelligent content and semantics

recherche un partenaire

Pour en savoir plus et contacter
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National institute for informatics  un isntitut de recherche Roumain

dans le défi 7 ICT for independent living and inclusion
Objectif: 7.1 ICT and ageing
pour un : STREP

recherche un partenaire sur le thème Customized social services using semantic

pour en savoir plus 
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L'université grecque de Patras, département University of Patras 

départenement  Electrical & Computer Eng

Dans le défi : 3 Components, systems, engineering
Objectif: 3.3 Embedded systems design
pour un : STREP

sur le thème A SOA-based Embedded Systems’ Engineering Support Environment

recherche un partenaire...
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université allemande Hochschule für Wirtschaft HSW Luzern 
Department: Information Security

Pour le défi  1 Pervasive and Trusted Network and Service Infrastructures
Objectif 1.4 Secure, dependable and trusted infrastructures
pour une : STREP

sur le thème Instant Security for European Citizens (ISFEC)

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APARA une PME espagnol, pour son projet 
Proposal Name: NEBULAE - Advanced Digital Information Searcher in the
multimedia Era

dans le défi : 4 Digital libraries and content
Objectif: 4.2 Intelligent content and semantics
pour un : STREP

Actually, accessing info is a mayor problem for specialists, politicians,
companies and people in general. In general, it is because we obtain a lot of
more info that we need and in several format that we are not requiring of. In
other cases, simply we cannot access to it. This project aims to research and
develop a platform for adaptive search of content and meta-data retrieval of
information, independently of the media, from the amount of heterogeneous and
distributed digital multimedia content. The platform will be supported by edge
technologies to obtain meta-information from both hyperlink analysis and
content-based retrieval (wave, textures, shape, motion…). 

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université polonaise University of Bialystok
département informatique
pour son projet : Multimedia Tutoring System

dans le défi : 4 Digital libraries and content
Objectif: 4.1 Digital libraries and technology-enhanced learning
pour un : STREP

We (scholars and researchers from Institute of Computer Science and faculty of
Education and Psychology - University of Bialystok) are interested in
and making intelligent multimedia tutoring system (intelligent environment for
technology-enhanced learning) that will be able to recognize for each learner
his/her style of learning and individual needs, select and propose strategy of
teaching accordingly to recognized style and needs, activate learner and
inspire him/her to creative thinking and problem solving (also in
way of learning). It will be possible to implement this educational
in schools and enterprises of different types. The main idea of education in
this environment is all the time the same, aims and content depend on
particular course and target. After preparing planned system (and
implementation it in number of institutions) we want to do research on
effectiveness of education with using this system (from pedagogical point of
view and institutional point of view). 

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Une PME russe Pawlin Technologies Ltd

pour son projet: E-learning interactive library of content for intellectual
computations subject

défi: 4 Digital libraries and content
Objectif: 4.1 Digital libraries and technology-enhanced learning
un : STREP

pour en savoir plus

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LA MËME PME a aussi un projet 
Proposal Name: Make autonomous robots thinking by means of artificial neural

dans le défi : 2 Cognitive systems, interaction, robotics
Objectif: 2.1 Cognitive systems, interaction, robotics
un : STREP

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Une PME israélienne pour son projet   UDL Runway

dans le défi : 4 Digital libraries and content
Objectif: 4.1 Digital libraries and technology-enhanced learning
un gros projet  IP

Simply stated, the Objectives of UDL Runway! are to:
1) Create a proven standard for semantically enriching content for ubiquities
2) Positively and substantially impact reading, writing, listening, and
speaking proficiency of target student groups 
3) Notably increase effective integration of at risk student such as
speaking parents, immigrants, learning disabled and 
4) Inspired and challenge gifted children , investing in all our people and
our future
5) Empower machine process such as data management and translation

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une autre PME israélienne Aternity Inc.
pour son projet : End-User agent-based MOnitoring and management for scalable
future Networks (EUMON)

dans le défi : 1 Pervasive and Trusted Network and Service Infrastructures
Objectif: 1.1 The network of the future

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centre de recherche indien C-DAC, Mohali
pour son projet : Biologically Inspired Intelligent Navigation System (BINSYS)

dans le défi : 6 ICT for mobility, environmental sustainability and energy
Objectif: 6.1 ICT for the intelligent vehicles and mobility services
un projet : STREP

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Un centre de recherche italien ismb

pour son projet : ultrasonic imaging and vascular diseases

défi: 5 Towards sustainable and personalised healthcare
Objectif: 5.1 Personal health systems for monitoring and point-of-care
un gros projet type : IP

Retrieve the Partner Search at:
une PME turque Gordion Bilgi Hizmet Ltd Sti

pour son projet : Wireless Sensor Networks for Roads - Road SensiNet

dans le défi : 6 ICT for mobility, environmental sustainability and energy
Objectif: 6.1 ICT for the intelligent vehicles and mobility services
un projet type : STREP

Retrieve the Partner Search at:
Université turque Ege University
pour son projet  : Source Detection using Embedded Sensor Networks (SDSEN)

dans le défi : 2 Cognitive systems, interaction, robotics
Objectif: 2.1 Cognitive systems, interaction, robotics

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pour en savoir plus sur ces projets et comment les contacter, merci de voir
avec le
Claire FERTE

Tel: +33 1 40 73 36 73


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