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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
	CIP / activité RFID / Le centre de recherhe  TNO des Pays Pas recherche partenaires français

Madame Monsieur
Dans le cadre du programme CIP, le centre de recherche des pays Bas TNO
recherche un partenaire

TNO is a Dutch non-governmental organisation with it’s a mission “to apply
scientific knowledge with the aim of strengthening the innovative power of
industry and government.”

One of the five main core areas is TNO Information and Communication

TNO Information and Communication Technology is a unique centre of innovation
in the Netherlands that brings together the ICT and Telecom disciplines of
We help companies, government bodies and (semi-)public organisations to
successful innovations in ICT.

Our approach to innovation is integrated and practical. Our research involves
more than the technologies themselves. Where necessary, we also focus on
user-friendliness, financial aspects, and business processes. We support the
implementation process by carrying out technical and market trials. We are
specialists in innovation strategy and policy, and our extensive ICT expertise
is a valuable resource that can be used to address issues in the wider

Our 375 professional researchers are part of the national and international
knowledge infrastructure through their work as professors and lecturers. Our
knowledge base is continually updated through participation in national and
international standardisation forums and knowledge-development programmes, and
through co-operation with universities and 'hogescholen' (universities of
professional education).
Practical skills are also important, and we therefore invest a great deal of
time and energy in using and testing new technologies and concepts in our own
laboratories and infrastructures.


Currently, we cooperate with Syntens (an agency of the Dutch Ministry of
Economic Affairs) and the RFID Platform in The Netherlands, in a programme to
stimulate the adoption of RFID in the Dutch SME sector. We focus on chains of
companies, where RFID is an opportunity to make possible new products or
services, to save costs and/or to improve quality.

We do this by transferring relevant knowledge to the SME’s, to support them in
setting up a realistic business case, help them to make good technology
choices, and, where necessary, providing proof-of-concepts.

This programme is called “RFID Lighthouse” (not to be confused with a European
programme with almost the same name), and runs from April 2007 to April 2010.

Besides this programme, we have participated in many (mainly national)
that involve the application of RFID. We focus on the role of RFID-based
information in business processes: how to interface to RFID’s, how to process
and store the information, how to redesign the process, etc. We do not
focus on
the technological (eg, radio frequency) aspects of RFID.

Looking for a consortium

The CIP / PSP programme aims at forming a Thematic Network focussed on
exchanging experience with RFID application. TNO and the RFID Lighthouse
programma partners seek existing consortia that aim at applying for the CIP /
PSP Thematic Network for RFID, as we currently do not have the network, nor
time frame to set up our own consortium.

More information

Contact Freek Bomhof, at +31 15 285 70 46, or freek.bomhof@tno.nl

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