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Madame monsieur
dans le cadre de l'appel à proposition 2011 du programme CIP TIC PSP, nous
avons reçu deux propositions de partenaires turcs souhaitant intégrer des


East Marmara Development Agency (MARKA in short)

Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT-PSP)

4. ICT for innovative government and public services
4.1: Towards a cloud of public services
The structure of legal entity:

The MARKA is a typical RDA and a government agency, one of 26 spreaded all
across Turkey, responsible for East Marmara Region (comprising five provinces,
which are Kocaeli, Sakarya, Düzce, Bolu and Yalova) on the northwest of
MARKA, in order to provide a ubiquitous service, maintains Investment Support
Offices in all 5 provinces that makes up East Marmara. MARKA carries out
four core functions, i.e. leveraging local governance by promoting
interactivity among local stakeholders, conducting regional planning in
with provincial and national plans, funding promising projects in line with
regional priorities outlined in regional plans as well as investment promotion
(mainly inward). To meet these objectives MARKA works in close collaboration
with its local partners and Investment Support & Promotion Agency of Turkey
(ISPAT). It seeks to attract investment through initiating, supporting and
developing a wide variety of sizeable, ambitious, quality projects in East
Marmara. Projects will enjoy the risk mitigation that arises from having
Government backing and a well-defined Government role. MARKA also seeks to
assist top local companies in creating higher value-added functions for their
business by supporting them in building expertise, innovating, growing,
creating new partnership and reaching international customers. Small and
enterprises also are provided an array of services to encourage business
establishment and development in East Marmara. 

MARKA, for the sake of swiftness and smoothness of its investment promotion
Utilizes standardised forms to collect information from investors and regional
Collects proof of concept information that might be useful for early stage
Maintains and updates a regional inventory of available lands for each type of
Compiles up-to-date information on state aids, incentives and low interest
Carries out investment feasibility studies, including cost analysis, legal
conditions, operational and environmental permits, logistics and various site
conditions and updates its knowledge base for future operations.  
Proposed project idea:

MARKA tries to use information and communication technologies efficiently as a
public server, his information and communication infrastructure is highly
fragmented. Considering the scope of the investment promotion tasks, an
integrated system that operates under the cloud will render a wide range of
components of investment promotion (i.e. introduction to what the Region
offers; available lands with appertaining specifications; applicable
and state aids; relevant legislation and regulations, other requirements etc.)
easy to understand and easy to browse. Such a smart cyber-infrastructure is
intended to integrate and streamline all the basic functions of investment
promotion that are already carried out by MARKA, and cut the service time to
potential investors. The cloud will simplify the data maintenance, increase
search capability and options, have a user-friendly interface allowing the
to easily browse the interactive content on his/her own (for both the
and MARKA staff), and even hands-off multi-platform operation capacity to
update its database.  

What is MARKA seeking?

MARKA, as a government agency, seeks to join o consortium preparing a project
proposal under sub-theme “4.1 Towards a cloud of public services” and
interested in testing and improving a pilot investment promotion cloud
developed by a Software Company specialized in this area and taking part in
such consortium.

Potential Partners:   
ü       Development Agencies 
ü       Investment Promotion Agencies 
ü       Software Firms (specialized on cloud computing) 
ü       Data Management Firms  
ü       National Statistical Institutes  
Contact Details:
Mr. Huseyin Ozgur UNSAL
e-Mail: h.ozgurunsal@marka.org.tr
Ph: +90 (262) 332 01 44 
Fax: +90 (262) 332 01 45


National Library of Turkey would like to increase her Europeana contribution 
by participating in the ICT PSP projects 

under the objectives defined in ‘Theme 2 : Digital Content’:
2.1: Aggregating content in Europeana
2.2: Digitising content for Europeana
2.3: Raising awareness of Europeana and promoting its use

National Library of Turkey would like to be participated in such consortiums
regarding the aforementioned objectives.

The National Library of Turkey, celebrating its 65th anniversary, was
established with the intention of becoming a center for a national network of
knowledge and information. It would thus contribute to cultural development,
economic growth, and creation of a knowledge society in Turkey. The National
Library maintains a collection of 2.927.591 items, comprising books,
periodicals, and non book materials. The number of books at the Library is
currently 1.203.660; the collection of periodicals there offers 1.434.539
issues/volumes of daily papers, magazines, bulletins, almanacs, and similar
materials. The Library also maintains a collection of audio-visual materials,
which includes posters, maps, sheet music, audio recordings (in CD and
cassette), and a few masterpiece paintings, etc., totaling 205.855 items
under requisite conditions, along with 27.309 manuscripts/rare books and
besides its Latin alphabet items, 56.228 printed works with Arabic letters.

The National Library of Turkey now has at its disposal about 40.000 square
meters of usable floor area, in three blocks with modular construction.
serves over 2.000 researchers everyday and serves as host to cultural
activities as well, with its conference halls and its art gallery. The
Library’s section for visually impaired persons was established in 1955, and
the name of this section was changed later, in 1986, to Talking Books Library.
This section offers a collection of 5.000 items in digitial audio format,
including books and magazines in Turkish and foreign languages, and sheet
as well. In parallel to technological development, recording studios have been
set up and book recordings are now being offered to service of visually
impaired persons over the Internet, via web site,


The Talking Books collection has a volunteering methodology to increase its
content. Dubbing of books for the visually-impaired is performed on the
voluntary basis. Around 100 voluntary readers record audio books in the modern
studio. The books to be dubbed are chosen upon the requests of the
visually-impaired users.

The National Library of Turkey has signed an agreement to contribute
the single, direct and multilingual gateway to Europe’s cultural heritage, to
promote cultural diversity and creative content across Europe. Europeana
has an
important role to enable people to explore its content aggregated from
museums, libraries, archives and audio-visual collections. Europeana’s
multilingual cyber space where users can engage, share in and be inspired by
the rich diversity of Europe's cultural and scientific heritage will be a
meeting point for not only specialists in the academic community, but also
broad public. The valuable manuscripts can be seen through Europeana to prove
the diversity and richness of Europe’s cultural heritage. For instance, one
manuscripts is written with Greek alphabet on Gazelle leather. The binding is
wood covered with the dark brown leather. It is the beginning of the Matthew
Bible. Written in Ethiopian language, known to be Ge’ez, this bible includes
Prophet David’s hymns and prayers.

Contact Information:

ICT PSP Working Group

Contact Person 1 : Erdal NANECI, National Library of Turkey, IT Director

Contact Person 2 : Ömer KILIÇ, Project Manager

E-Mail : ictpsp@mkutup.gov.tr

Phone 1 : +90 530 787 8898

Phone 2 : +90 312 484 4688

Fax : +90 312 223 0451