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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject:programme CIP / réseau thématique / La société TURKSAT recherche des partenaires  

Madame Monsieur

Dans le cadre du programme CIP TIC PSP, une société turque  TURKSAT propose
recherche de partenaires

E-Government Projects 
TURKSAT is given the role of architect and the manager for the IT
infrastructure of e-government projects. Current projects of TURKSAT include: 
E-Government Gateway 
TURKSAT is in the design process of the e-government gateway of Turkey which
will connect many government offices, create a secure communication gateway
standardize meta-data protocols. TURKSAT will be in process of expanding
e-government services offered within the portal after it is completed. The
portal will have support for various types of communication channels and will
support mobile networking such as cell phones or handheld computers. Citizens
will be able to access the system using smart cards, and imprinted digital
certificates. Content management and presentation will be citizen centric.
Electronic services will get a central authentication mechanism and also
the same project a central payment/banking module will be implemented for the
government agencies for online transfers. 
Secure Government Network 
TURKSAT is forming the secure networking layer between all government offices
and branches. This includes types of VPN and encrypted network connections and
bridges between all government networks and enabling them to create two ways
secure communication channels. A fiber optic network is mostly being put into
use and also the satellite services are provided as redundancy for
purposes of the services over the network. 
Government Services Call Center 
This project will provide call center services and functionality to all
government offices and branches. All of the services offered from e-government
gateway will also be offered through this call center. Any citizen will have
access to the e-government services; follow ups, stages of services and more
information through the call center. Turksat will also provide assistance to
government agencies create their own call centers and connect them to the main
government call center. Education for the citizen representatives, software
hardware support will be main assistance elements during agency based

National Disaster Recovery Centers for Information Systems 
For all government requirements, a distributed network of disaster recovery
centers will be formed for network continuity and data protection from all
disasters. The centers will have system rooms for computer systems, network
infrastructure, and additional storage systems for requested agencies and also
offices for business processes continuity. Risk analysis for government
branches and continuity plans will be developed within the disaster recovery
center formation project. 
Government Internet Services Hosting 
Upon completion Turksat will provide shared internet access with security
requirements provided. Services will include web site hosting, e-mail hosting
and other internet based services to any government branch or office
All the technical help and consulting needs will be provided by Turksat. 
Citizen Oriented Government Services Transformation 
Turksat will be in lead of analyzing the government services, surveying
citizens, analyzing service processes and suggesting new ways of performing
efficiently within government environment. Project milestones include creating
citizen satisfaction indexes, providing and implementing citizen relationship
management systems. 
TURKSAT is currently working with different organizational groups formed
many government agencies on these projects to ensure the participation and
governance of the systems being created.

le contact dans la société est

Mr. Tunc Medeni

Le point de contact national pour la Turquie du programme est

State Planning Organization
Tel: + 90 312 294 6470
Fax: + 90 312 294 6477


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