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Madame monsieur
dans le cadre de l'appel CIP TIC PSP  de la commission, quelques dernières
demandes de partenariats tardives 

1) la bibliothèque nationale de Turquie

National Library of Turkey is very active in this Call of ICT PSP. 
They have been already involved in two different project proposals regarding
Obj. 2.1 and 2.2. 
Furthermore, they are eager to be involved in a BPN as a partner regarding
raising awareness of Europeana. 
They are in a very close contact with Ministry of Culture and Toursim,
which is
responsible for all the public museums in Turkey, and four museums are
ready to
be involved in the project. 
They have also contact with DG of State Archieves that is thought as archieve
content provider. 
NationalLibraryof Turkey
ICT PSP WorkingGroup
ContactPerson1 : Erdal NANECÝ,
NationalLibraryof Turkey, IT Director
ContactPerson2 : Ömer KILIÇ, Project Manager
E-Mail : ictpsp@mkutup.gov.tr
Phone1 : +90 530 787 8898
Phone2 : +90 312 484 4688
Ou encore
Özhan YILMAZ [yilmazo@dpt.gov.tr]

2) trios villes de Turquie 

Diyarbakir, Batman and Tunceli municipalities are eager to be involved in ICT
PSP Smart Cities projects as partners. Interested stakeholders can come into
contact with the contact people identified below.
Mr. Sezai Karatay
e-mail: vestamuhendislik@gmail.com; sezaikaratay@hotmail.com

3) un centre de recherché en Roumanie IPA SA Research Centre

IPA SA Research Centre 
established in the year 1960, in Bucharest,  as R & D & Training Centre, 
with over 200  University Professors Doctors, Scientists, Doctor Engineers,
Engineers, Trainers, and with subsidiaries in the entire  country, 
is interested to participate at the Projects Proposals in the following fields
of the CIP-ICT PSP-2011-5 Program :
-      1.2.   ICT for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings, 
-      2.4.   eLearning, 
-      3.2.   Digital competences and social inclusion. 

IPA R& D & Training is the launcher and organizer, with Romanian Academy and
with Ecology University of the traditional important, yearly,  European
Conferences  eRENEWABLIA_eHYDROGENIA, eEFFICIENCIA 2011,  at the 5-th Edition
in 2011, and 
E_COMM_LINE_2011,  at the 12-th Edition in 2011. 
IPA SA intends, in principle, to submit 1  project proposals inside the EU  
Com.   CIP-ICT PSP-2011-5 Program.  Following the above illustrated aspects we
look, in principle, at the cooperation: 
- inside the proposals which will be submitted by yours entities and consortia
and for which, we are ready to add efficient contributions,    
-  inside the projects proposals, which are, in our intention. 
to the starting the joint cooperation for and inside CIP-ICT PSP-2011-5
Gheorghe Mincu Sandulescu   et  Mariana Bistran
University Professor Dr.  Principal Research Scientist                        
IPA SA       &     Ecology University
IPA SA   Bucharest, Romania,
169 Calea Floreasca, RO- 014459
Phone:+ 4021 31800 51
Fax: + 4021 316 16 20, san@ipa.ro

4) un centre polonais a lancé un pilote B

Merci de contacter  Marta     Osêka      
De Information Processing Centre
E-mail    marta.oseka@opi.org.pl    
Telephone number  +48 22 35170 82

Proposal acronym        SMS
Proposal full name      Services for Mobile devices in Smart Cities 
ICT PSP Call 5 Objective addressed:
(as named in the call fiche)    5.1: Open Innovation for future
Services in "smart" Cities
Funding scheme
(please indicate one only)      Pilot B
Approximate total cost
(optional information: not applicable to Thematic Networks)     3 M€

List of participants (proposal coordinator first)
Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. (business)                                  Poland
Information Processing Centre  (R&D Units)                              Poland
Indigo  (buisness, SME)
Town Council of Warsaw city (public authorities)
Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute - (R&D Units)
Direcção Regional de Educação Especial e Reabilitação
Industrial Design department, Delft University of Technology            The
Town council of Delft city (public authorities)                         The
Under negotiation with the last partner from another EU country….       

Proposal summary
The aim of this project is to develop an interoperable platform to enable
location-based access to content through a multimodal, context-aware services
for mobile devices.
The Platform
We want to implement a generic and open platform that will allow service
providers to easily develop and deploy location-based services that users will
be able to mash up on their mobile devices as they need. With the tools we
develop, third parties could build all kinds of services that trigger content
when a user arrives at a certain location. A component installed on the user’s
mobile device would integrate a number of such services to offer a coherent
context-appropriate multimodal interface to address the user’s immediate
A user might choose to select the set of services to combine into a unique
personal experience. Service providers might also make services reuse other
services, effectively enabling services to build upon each other to aggregate
functionality. The platform will make such integration not only feasible but
also simple both for service users as well as service providers. Below a
of exemplary services we envisioned are proposed: 

Visualizing the Inclusiveness of Cities
Social exclusion is manifested in cities at different places and in different
forms. It is often that citizens and policy makers are not aware of the forms
of exclusion simply because they see no instances around them (e.g. physically
handicapped individuals in places of limited accessibility) or because they
cannot see through they eyes of the excluded individuals. This service will
enable citizens to voice their view when it comes social inclusion, and will
generate a large dataset of the different manifestations of social
exclusion in

Local voting
The ‘Local Voting’ service will be aimed at a city or district administration
to enable polling citizens’ opinions at certain moments and in specific places
of interest. It is usually quite difficult and costly to mobilize citizens to
express their preferences and that is often required to serve them better. We
will build a service that will allow local administration to create polls
presented to people in certain locations. On the citizen side, every potential
participant will be able to choose what locations she is interested in and
kind of subject she wants to have a say about. The user may choose to disclose
some of her personal details in order to have a bigger influence on the voting
outcome. For example, local administration may choose to give more
influence to
the local citizens rather than visitors or tourists.

The project will be supported the development of Innovative Internet-based
services in cross-border cities. The pilot will be engage citizens from three
different European cities, who will share common service platform in project.
After the end of the project, the platform could be used by citizens according
with business strategy the owner of the services with respect intellectual
prosperity of SME engage in the project. The public authorities will also play
a strong role in the project in the dissemination activities. The proposal is
relevant to strategy on national and European level.