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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
Subject: Conference TV Mobile 2007 /  Rome  / 21-22 juin 2007

madame monsieur
Nous vous informons de la tenue de la conférence
Mobile TV World 2007
Rome, June 21-22

International Conference

Mobile TV is considered as one of the most important challenge for ICT
and Media Players in the next few years. Most of European, American and Asian
countries have already launched trials or operational services. According to
Datamonitor, the mobile television market is set to grow exponentially. By
2009, 69 million people worldwide will subscribe to mobile television
generating total revenue of $5.5 billion.

Italy was the first to launch full commercial TV services during the 2006
Football World Cup Championship. Italy is now considered as the pioneer in
Europe for Mobile TV.
With the support of the Ministry of Communications of Italy and private
players, we have decided to setup a Worldwide Conference to be held in Rome
next June, 21-22.

This event should benefit of the patronage of Mrs Viviane Reding, European
Commissioner for Information Society and Media, and of Mr Paolo Gentiloni,
Minister of Communications, Italia Ministry of Communication.*

The major key questions concerning the implementation and success of Mobile TV
will be debated within this 2-Days Conference. 
Spectrum harmonisation and the deployment of infrastructure are still debated
in Europe. At the event, hosted by the most advanced country in Mobile
Television, we have a unique opportunity to address Business and Content

What programmes/content types are suitable for watching on a personal display?
What could a winning value chain look like for a sustainable Mobile TV
Feedbacks from the actual market will be cross-examined with different
proposed by experts. The potential of new contents and programmes will be
discussed by speakers from the content and media industries.
Mobile TV world Conference will welcome experts and key players in this new
They will address technical issues, describe the standardization process and
address business model and content delivery. 

The conference will consist in round tables with the participation of key
players and institutions.
Please, find attached the draft programme of the Mobile TV World Conference.
The framework of the program has to be approved by the members of the
scientific committee
This draft agenda is not public.

We expect around 400/500 participants.

The targeted audience will range from developers and technical managers to
business level executives, providing a good mix of talent.
Sponsor and exhibition opportunities are proposed throughout the entire

Come and join this unique event for a lively debate on 21st and 22nd June in

A website will be available soon includng all venue and logistic details.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the event, and how you
participate as a speaker, delegate, or sponsor! 

Pour en savoir plus

Hervé Rannou, hrannou@items-int.eu, +33 (0)6 0774 3818
Nathalie Baudson, nbaudson@items-int.eu, +33 (0)6 0827 5500
Giorgio Prister (Rome), gprister@items-int.eu, +39 (346) 491 7985 

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