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Madame monsieur
dans le cadre de l'événement de Vilnius du 6 au 8 novembre 2013, qui
correspond  au lancement du futur programme H2020 et des premiers appels de la
thématique TIC, la Commission européenne organise une grande manifestation
doublée d'une exposition

ICT 2013 event 


ICT 2013 - Exhibition 

ICT 2013 in Vilnius offers a unique opportunity for Framework projects and for
individual companies to showcase their most advanced research, ICT products
most innovative creations. More than 150 exhibition stands will show the
results covering advanced research, technologies, new systems, innovation in
services and business and ICT products just entering the market. 

The exhibition will cover 5 themes: 
       digitally empowered citizen; 
       smart and sustainable cities for 2020+; 
       industry and business for tomorrow; 
       intelligent connecting intelligence; 
       culture, science and creativity.

A call for proposals is opened till 7th June 2013 16.00.

ICT Framework projects as well as individual companies are encouraged to
proposals covering ICT in all its forms and from all parts of the ICT
Program, provided they fit the exhibition concept.

Successful proposals will be selected based upon their attractiveness,
innovation, ease of understanding and for their impact and potential
contribution to co-creating the future. 

An art exhibit will be part of the exhibition. 

Submit proposals for exhibition 

On behalf of the ICT2013 Exhibition Team, an open call for proposals for
exhibits has been published on the Digital Agenda for Europe: 

https://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/ict-2013-exhibition on which you will
find all the information regarding the exhibition, the concept and the guide
"how to submit".