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From: Patrick SCHOULLER 
programme CIP / Appel 2010  en cours /  la  bibliothèque universitaire de Vilnius souhaite  rejoindre un consortium

Madame, monsieur
dans le cadre de l'appel du CIP en cours, la bibliothèque de Vilnius souhaite
rejoindre un projet

Contact person details

Position: Head of Scientific information Data Center
Name of Organisation: Vilniaus universiteto biblioteka (Vilnius University
Address: Universiteto str. 3, LT-01122, Vilnius, Lithuania
URL: http://www.mb.vu.lt/
E-mail: zibute.petrauskiene@mb.vu.lt
Telephone: +370 5 268 7124
Fax number: +370 5 2687104

Aims and activities

Vilnius University Library (VUL), established 1570, has a community of over
26000 users and holdings of over 5 million items dating from the 13th century
to today.Its mission is to participate in creation of information society, to
capacitate university community in using information resources to prepare
highly qualified specialists; accumulate, preserve and make publicly
accessibledocumentary heritage. It is the oldest institution preserving
cultural heritage and the largest academic library in Lithuania with archival
and informational functions. It strives to be a user oriented integral
organization whose activities are based on modern information and management
technologies. Vilnius University Library pays great attention to the
development of electronic resources and services; it seeks to work closely
other faculty libraries in order to transform them into modern information
resources centers with the aim of providing students and professors with a
quality and level of services and the latest information about these
developments. The library strives to be the largest  in terms of striving
to be
open, most dynamic  by its changes, the most modern  by its novel ideas. And
indeed it is such: it was the first to create electronic catalogue, to produce
a compact disc, actualizing unique collections of the Library, to put together
programs of information literacy and to create its website, it was also the
first to launch initiatives related to the creation of scientific data archive
and open access strategies to the scientific information.It participates as
Associated partner in DigitalPreservationEurope (FP6), is a partner in ENRICH
(Contentplus) and World Digital Library projects and takes part in a national
project Cultural Heritage in the Virtual Environment. In 2009 our library has
started an important construction project  the establishment of new library as
well as the national open access center of scholarly communication and
information which will provide top-flight services to academic and business

Type: Company Expertise

Type details: VUL is seeking participation in ICT, Competitiveness and
Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) Policy Support Programme projects and
other projects related to information and communication technology. Potential
roles for VUL: expertise of digitalization in the field of books, manuscripts,
photos; metadata; retrieval; long-term digital preservation; open access to
scientific information; e-learning; web development, project management.

Instrument: Pilot B, Thematic Network

Programme: ICT Call 6 (FP7-ICT-2009-6)

Areas for collaboration under CIP Policy Support Programme:

Theme 2: Digital Libraries
Objective 2.1  Coordinating Europeana
Objective 2.2 Enhancing/Aggregating content in Europeana
Objective 2.3 - Digitising content for Europeana
Objective 2.5  Open access to scientific information
Objective 2.6  Statistics on cultural heritage digitisation activities

Target Partner

Expertise: We are looking for partners from academic institutions,
libraries and
other culture organizations with the similar experience and skills as Vilnius
University Library. We are ready for new challenges and developments in open
access to scientific information; digitisation and digital preservation of
culture heritage; information literacy, teaching and e-learning, as well as
electronic publishing and development of electronic (institutional)

Country: Any country

Organization Details

Name: Vilnius University Library (Vilniaus universiteto biblioteka)

Address: Universiteto str. 3, LT-01122, Vilnius, Lithuania

Type: Library

Number of employees: 200

Keywords: library, digitization, metadata, long-term preservation, open
information literacy, e-learning, repository, electronic publishing

Partners already acquired: not yet

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