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dans le cadre de la préparation des projest pour le 3 appel du PCRDT, une
offre de partenariat

La PME espagnole ISDEFE recherche des partenaires pour un:
Projet: STREP
Dans le défi: 2.2 Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics
Nom provisoire du projet: VULTUR - Very and Ultra Light roboTs for Unguided
Date de clôture: 08/04/2008
This project aims at creating a set of search robots capable of complementing
human rescue teams or substituting them when necessary. This set would be
composed of robotic UAV (Unmaned Air Vehicles), as simple as possible and
capable of coordinating themselves to carry out their tasks. The level of
autonomy sought is a high one, close to 100% (that is, almost no human
supervision is needed once robots are working), although it could be modified
to allow the system to follow more specific orders. However when a victim is
located, human teams will be notified so that the can assist him or her. By
reducing the number of people supervising the operations, a great part of the
personnel can be transferred to other tasks, such as rescue. And the use of
light and simple robots allows using many of them investing the same amount of
money and resources and thus increasing the search capabilities.
Expertises demandées:
They are looking for:
n       Experts in robot design and construction.
n       Experts in robotic navigation.
n       Experts in robotic communication.
n       Experts in sensor and data fusion.
Partenaires recherchés:
The partners can be:
n       Industrial partners.
n       Research centres and universities.
n       SMEs
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