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Madame monsieur
dans le cadre du programme CIP sur le thème du e archivage, nous avons une
proposition de la Slovénie

Short project description:

eArchiving aims at preserving the important knowledge and artefacts of today's
world for the future. Evolution to the knowledge and information society with
ubiquitous presence of ICT has brought important opportunities and threats to
this goal. Digital technologies enable storage and perfect reproduction of
theoretically for unlimited timeframe. Preservation activities supported by
systems enable management of data and corresponding metadata efficient enough
for enabling large scale search through the archived material. 
Digital representations and internet enable ease of access and re-use of the
material as never seen before. 
On the other hand, volume of creation of digitized objects and/or digitally
born objects to be preserved grows very quickly. For coping with it, we need
integrated systems for integrating all digital object lifecycle from creation,
ingest, preservation and later access for use/re-use. 

Project will focus on:
- Case studies of integration of several different multi-layered and
distributed processes of creation of data (from corresponding partners' DMSs
and registries) in public institutions and their seamless integration with
archival system (ingest with OAIS SIP specification and tools). Several cases
will be prepared as scenarios, e.g. spanning national/local processes (e.g.
land use planning), cross-border processes (e.g. legal processes, company
establishment, etc.) or similar. The cases will depend on the partnership
- Public bodies scenarios in different countries to analyse different legal
environments, scenarios of public bodies from specific data area (e.g.
etc.) in order to analyse different data/DMS/process specifics for integration
with archives.
- Seamless integration of all activities and tools throughout the whole data
lifecycle from creation, ingest, preservation and re-use taking into account
data authenticity, provenance, data integrity, data usability and access
Scenarios and use cases will be documented and will be available for
replication and scale.
- Re-use of archival data through open data infrastructure based on web
services technologies, providing a case study (legal, IPR, technical) for
reusing archive data for further use and aggregation of value-added services. 
Project will provide several documented use cases with respect to:
- Different cross-border/legal integration by providing use cases for ingest
from different countries, jurisdictions and types of data
- Multi-layered and distributed ingest process handling
- Open data re-use infrastructure integration with eArchiving IT systems
Project will be based on existing OAIS based archiving IT infrastructure
and applications for AIP storage, HW and SW infrastructure and DIP tools).
Existing partners' infrastructure will be used for implementation. 

XLAB ltd is currently leading establishment of consortia of partners. They
contribute their expertize in building  open data infrastructure for
access/re-use of archive data. Current consortia includes 1 public body-
creator, 1 national archive, 1 system integrator and 1 archiving domain
Additional partners sought: 
Consortium is searching for additional 3-6 creators (public institutions) from
different countries focusing 
on local government exibiting specific multi-layered archiving scenario that
would fit into project scope. 
Their role is to provide test use cases for integration with eArchiving
Further search is for 1-3 additional archive partners from different
Focus will be given to the regional (can be also national) archives that are
involved in multi-layered ecosystems with their national archives or public
institutions. Seaarch for 1 User/aggregator that would showcase use/re-use of
archive data  based on open data infrastructure. 

Partner roles:
1. Public/private institutions will present the data creators with the role to
define the requirements for integration of their processes and IT systems
registries, etc.) with eArchiving system. 
2. Archives. Their role is to prepare the tools and processes for taking the
data from creators through integrated process between their archival system
creators' DMS. Since project will focus on multilayer and distributed cases,
archives will need to cope with this complexity. On the same time, archives
responsible for enabling access and use/re-use of the data for wide public.
will provide open data infrastructure for the use/re-use of raw data for
further aggregation to other systems and building added valued services based
on this data.
3. eArchive/DMS system providers with expertize both on DMS systems
and integration and process modelling, specification and implementation. 
4. Users/aggregators. Their role is to use data from archive for further
exploration/modelling/analysis or general use. Since access infrastructure
be based on open data infrastructures, they will need to integrate with
eArchive system on web services level. 

Borut Vehovec, Director
M: +386 41 395 027 | E: borut.vehovec@abito.si
Abito, Business Development and Web Based Services, Krozna pot 7, 1000
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